Sunday, March 12, 2006

Despite the despicable

I understand how repulsive the entire Israeli political system is for any of us with strong Jewish values and who value true human rights, etc.
But we have to vote, regardless, despite the despicable.

Try to think of a large unruly clan, and there's an important family event, and you really can't bear to think of seeing your cousin, who has done the most horrendous things possible to you. You really don't want to do anything to "honor" him, but if you didn't go your grandmother and favorite aunt would be distraught.

For those two, your grandmother and aunt, you have to vote, please.


Esther said...

It sucks when the phrase "the lesser of evils" is so darn appropriate. I feel/sympathize with your quandry.

Anonymous said...

There are so many orange voters out there, and also so many people who've lost faith in the Israeli democratic system.

I am absolutely sure that if all would vote for either of the orange parties: Kleiner, Marzel, or NU, everyone would get in and could build a decent and true right-wing without needing to depend on the disengagement Likud.

But I also have absolutely no doubt that 'elections' are not going to decide the future of Israel. Whoever claims that these elections are a referendum, is either ignorant or trying to fool the ignorant masses.

The way we act with each other is much more influential. God decides are destiny, not 120 knesset members.