Sunday, March 5, 2006

And what should I say?

Are you waiting for my reaction to the Kadima-Onward Get Lost Plan? Really? What should I say, when the de facto Prime Minister and his Dichter announced that they're planning on throwing me out of my home and destroying my community of Shiloh, G-d forbid!

Earlier it was rumored that all of my regional council, Mateh Binyamin, would be destroyed and given away to the terrorists. But trust Olmert to generously decide to "keep" Ofra, home of Pinchas Wallerstein, and Beit El, location of Arutz 7.

Just a few short weeks after Olmert sent in his storm troopers to Ofra to destroy a couple of houses and attack demonstrators, he's now announcing that the new refugees, people like me, will be able to live in the remaining yishuvim. Isn't that generous? Maybe we won't want to.

I don't want to live in an armed, fenced in fortress. One of the things that attracted me to Shiloh was that it's not surrounded by a fence. It's one of the few yishuvim that refuses to be fenced in. I remember checking out yishuvim to live in in the late 1970's, and I'd get this horrendously claustrophobic feeling in most, like I was locked in a prison. Shiloh was different. It still is; I feel a freedom here.

My friends and I take walks together, for fitness and fun. We walk to and from Shvut Rachel to the east, and we walk west, down to the Ancient Tel, the Shiloh where Chana prayed for a son. We wander around freely.

Shiloh was the very first capitol city of the Jewish Nation after the Exodus from Egypt. Joshua, Eli and Chana's son, Shmuel, ruled the Jewish People in Shiloh. The Mishkan, the Tabernacle, was here for 369 years, and during that time our nation matured and developed and finally demanded that Samuel the Prophet anoint it a king.

For Olmert and his cronies to claim that our country could be safe, could survive without the Land in which is was born is like saying that someone can live a full, healthy life without his heart and brain. If you look at the map of our Holy Land and think of it as an embryo, you will see Shiloh where its heart would be, and the other Samarian yishuvim Olmert wants to destroy, like Kedumim, Itamar, Yitzhar and Elon Moreh are its brain.

Sometimes I sit on my comfortable couch and look at all the pictures up on my walls and cry for the families whose homes were stolen from them by the Israeli government, by Olmert and Sharon. Sharon always described his Disengagement as "painful," but Olmert seems stimulated by it, on a "high," proud and happy to show his "mettle."

Today I was at a meeting of NU-NRP English speakers. It's hard to believe that we only have a few weeks until the elections. It's all so unreal, and it's all so dangerous.

G-d willing our Nation will awake and show the pollsters how incompetent they really are at predicting the election results. I have no doubt that the "amcha," your ordinary Israeli, "the silent majority" believes that our Land belongs to us. It's just the media that has been distorting and brainwashing.

We must pray, vote and encourage the "amcha."

Shavua Tov


Esser Agaroth said...

Ofra's not a surprise to me. Remember the secret deal former member of the YeSh"A Yehushu'a "I'll shave my beard so I don't look like a 'fanatic'" Mor-Yosef was reported to have made? He was to be spokesman for the Foreign Ministry in exchange for Ofra's security. But, I think Pinhas W. probably has more to do with it than Mor-Yosef.

Maybe I misunderstood your comment, but Arutz 7 is no friend of the government. Do you really think there's a connection? Hmm...Shlomo Aviner perhaps?

Absent from the "save" list in the article was the Qiriyath Sefer/Givath Ze'ev block. Perhaps it was just a mistake.

Plus, if Israel plans to keep Qiriyath Arba'-Hevron and not Susyah, were going to have a rather strange looking map.

But, see how I so easily got sucked into their sick mentality? Of course, it's ALL ours. There is no giving up anything.

Maybe this "list" will aid in the waking up of the Jewish People.

Nah! They never have. (sigh)

Batya said...

The "remaining map" will be impossible to defend and costly to attempt to.

The Beit El-Ofra axis was always very powerful. They worked hard (and succeded) in brainwashing those going to Shiloh to believe that it was at the end of the world, even though Shiloh-Shvut Rachel has the best location of any other yishuv or town/city in the country. Just compare travel times to Jerusalem, Tzomet Yarkon (Petach Tikva), Jordan Valley, etc. The Moetza always gave us the short end of the stick, and when Amana used to deal with counseling people as to which yishuv to live in, they'd call up Shiloh and say: "Take this family; nobody else wants them."

yitz said...

While I feel your pain, Batya, I hardly think that this is the time for infighting between the people of the various Yishuvim of Yehuda and Shomron. Let's not get into a "Shilo vs. Ofra-Beit El" conflict. I AM SURE the people of Arutz 7 want ALL of what's left of Yehuda & Shomron to remain in our hands...that has to be the goal now - absolutely NO "hitnatkut" [or any other kind of withdrawal] and a complete defeat of the Left.

I am also against those who are calling Likudniks to try to convince them to vote for NRP-NU. If we just try to bring more Kadima and Labor voters to the Likud camp, and make sure that all the other right-wing voters cast their votes, there's no reason that Likud-Shas-UTJ-NRP/NU-Lieberman-Marzel can't win 60 seats AND THUS control the entire Knesset!

May Hashem be with us!!!

yaak said...

Oy, Batya. Hashem Ya'azor.
May we merit Mashiah soon.
If not, at the very least, may we merit the political revolution mentioned by Yitz above.

Moze said...

Arutz 7 really interested in Eretz Yisrael? Ha. I don't think so. Check out how many of the Melamed grand daughters are doing/will do Sherut Leumi. Talk to A7 officials' neighbors. A7 was the biggest "right wing" hoax until NU-NRP.

Interesting that you, too, left out Bracha from Gav HaHar.

Anonymous said...

What makes you connect A7's position on Eretz Yisrael with the Melamed daughters not doing Sherut Leumi? There is a major supervision and tzniut problem in Sherut Leumi that is a serious issue. IMHO, a girl can do a lot more for EY by getting married young, living on a givah and having a lot of kids than by doing Sherut Leumi.
As for who to vote for, vote right. Even if NU-NRP isn't quite what we want, if they get a humungous number of votes, it would be better than Licouldn't or Kadima. If Marzel's survey really seems to indicate that he will make it, okay, vote for him. But I don't think he'll make it. He will anyway not figure in who is going to run the country. Unless, of course, your objective is to force a deadlock.
As for those who say not to vote, I figure you have a small tool which you ought to use first. Then if it doesn't work, try something else.