Monday, March 6, 2006

I must admit...

I must admit that it's depressing, the political situation.

Yesterday the big news was that Shiloh will, G-d forbid, be destroyed and our precious Land given away to the terrorists, but Ofra and Beit El won't, at least for the time being. Some people thought that I was a bissel catty in how I referred to those yishuvim, but today at work unfortunately I was proven right.

My gut feeling was and is that the government wants to "neutralize" the political protest activism in Beit El and Ofra by reassuring them that they're "in," which would also require lots of changes and adjustments, so they won't be too motivated to protest the destruction of the rest of Mateh Binyamin and most of the Shomron.

I was sickened by the way my friends referred to yesterday's announcement as fait complait--unchangeable fact. Maybe I misread their words, but they were so accepting of the nightmare that I felt ill. The discussion was as if it was voted, sealed and delivered.

I mentioned that they'd be next, if Shiloh goes, but that was ignored. Before Disengagement I kept saying that it's not about Gush Katif, it's about all of Eretz Yisrael.

This isn't a matter of some small beachside communities.

The Israeli Government has plans to give most of Judea and Samaria to the terrorists, and they have admitted it.

Honestly, I wish I hadn't been right.
We must stop it now, or it will only get worse, G-d forbid!


Robin Ticker said...


Dear Batya, amv"sh

Shochad Maaver et Pikchim. There is only one explanation about why friends would refuse to stand up for what is so obvious. Where is everyone getting their income from? Even those going on Aliya with Nefesh B'Nefesh will be getting money from the Jewish Agency. How then can they talk against the State that is helping them with their bread and butter. I just read an email from Yad Eliezer(see INN mailing and letter by Suri Tropper and Yocheved Rigler) describing the pathetic poverty among the religious poor. The gov't cut subsidies to the extent that large families and families that are supported primarily from one parent are mamesh hungry. No money for food. The gov't subsidies are being cut. The Chareidi parties did not speak out against the gov't because they were dependant on the subsidies for the children and for their educational institutions. Now that they are being cut my guess is that they will speak out more forcefully. It is my guess that it will be just a matter of time until those that are silent because of being supported by the evil gov't will slowly find that the support will diminish and then who will they have to fall back upon? Hashem says Ki Li Kol Haaretz. It doesn't belong to any of us and whoever is blind and thinks that what he has is his lacks the humility to know that really it all belongs to Hashem who can take and who can give. Don't feel angry at your friends. Only feel pity that they can't see what may very well be their own demise.

westbankmama said...

Batya - you know that it makes absolutely no difference what the government says now. They could kick everybody out, or nobody, who knows? People will protest no matter where they live. I didn't live in Gush Katif and I worked hard to prevent the disengagement, as did most of the people in Yesha. What makes you think that it will be different this time?

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, the movie doesn't also point the finger at Shas as well which only might have voted against, but frankly didn't protest.

How do we stop it??? First things first: I'm definitely not voting for Shas, Aguda, Likud, or NU (Eitam condemned the settler violence on the ads last night).

Then, maybe 'us' orange-people can actually make a plan. The only orange plans currently out there are Benny Elon's scrapped plan, and Baruch Marzel's plan. The other parties are still naively playing the musical chairs and enjoying the perks of public service.