Saturday, March 11, 2006

Overheard over potatoes and onions...

Everyone keeps asking:

"What's with the elections?"
"What do people think?"

So on Friday when I was picking out onions I overheard my neighbors.

"Peretz, it'll be Peretz."
"Peres? Did you say Peres?????"
"NO, he's finished. It'll be Peretz, from Labor. And that's good"
"Peretz, hmmmmmmmmm, and you say it's good, yes, that sounds pretty good."
"It's sure better than that !$%#$ Olmert for sure."
"And Bibi's no better. Yes, I like that."
"Peretz? Yessiree, that will be fine. I'm voting NU-NRP, but if Peretz can pull off a coalition, I'll be happy."

Have a nice week!
Shavua Tov!


Anonymous said...

By chance I saw Peretz on CSPAN. AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Comm.) held an event. This event had a large audience and an enormous stage holding a very long table with dignitaries. Everything about this event was "big big big" and symbolizing 'power.'

The giant giant screen showed slick professional campaign images of the Israeli candidates. This would be in incredibly stark contrast to the pictures of abuse from the Amona expulsions. Without seeing the entire event, broadcast on CSPAN, my impression was that the AIPAC convention was very conventional and this would belie the facts on the ground for Settlers and Settlements.

Peretz had made a personal video address for AIPAC. With all due respect to AIPAC and Peretz; I hear less talk in circles when guys are trying to borrow money at the track.

I didn't bother to listen to the entirety of Mr. Peretz's remarks. I wasn't hearing anything from the start and decided not to listen anymore.

If a prominent American audience is courted in such a fashion then what does that tell us? And what about Peretz?

If the situation wasn't so dreadfully abusive (ie/ disengagement) then these queues, hiding in sheeps' clothing, wouldn't bother me as an outsider looking in. Then we could laugh at the absurdity of some of these things.

Here's to hoping for laughter in the future..


Batya said...

It's all a show, superficial and fake.