Monday, January 30, 2006

Whose Land?

Last night, while I was mellowing in the spa and talking to friends about the importance of voting in the upcoming elections, the more dedicated political activists were at an Election Forum in Jerusalem. Even the Jerusalem Post was impressed by Moledet's Uri Bank, but the quotation that concerned me was from Naomi Blumental, who's probably the best in Likud:

Attacking last summer's unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria, Blumenthal called the pullout "a disaster" and asked "what logic was there in giving back land to terror?"

I don't like her use of the verb "give back." It means that the Land was, or even is, really owned by the Arabs. We have to use the verb "give away." It's our Land according to history, tradition and G-d. By relinquishing sovereignty, throwing out loyal, peaceful citizens, we are giving it away, G-d forbid.

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