Thursday, January 19, 2006

Are you confused? You're not alone. But...

The latest election polls, for the upcoming Israeli elections show that half the citizens will vote for....

...well, honestly, they don't know!

It makes you wonder, doesn't it. Actually, it's the best results I've seen so far. Sure gives me some hope, G-d willing, that maybe my fellow Israelis will get some "seichel," common sense.

The various TV stations are competing for viewers, trying to make the elections more exciting. For us it's just academic, since we get only one channel, Channel One. Last night they compared the "three top teams," Likud, Labor and Kadima by comparing the chosen candidates, number by number. (It could have had just been Labor and Likud.)

They said that the elections should be seen as a sports event. Line up the opening fives and see how they compare. And they went on until about twenty. The Jerusalem Post has a poll asking readers to vote which top ten, Labor or Likud, is better. The results at this moment are strongly for the Likud. I guess The Jerusalem Post readership doesn't watch Channel One.

Ha'aretz's poll asks what we think of Olmert's "war" on the outposts. I didn't like the choices, and not too many voted for what I chose.

The "poll" that has me the most worried is my own private one. It's the conversations I've had with people who tell me that they aren't planning on voting at all. What's terrifying is that we agree on all of the issues. They should be voting for the same party I will vote for. The problem is that they just don't see the point in voting. They don't trust the system; they don't trust the politicians, even "ours;" they don't trust the judicial. They are seriously depressed about the state of our nation. I also agree with all of that.

The difference is that I think that we still have to vote. I will not abandon my country to the people who want to destroy it. That's the aim of all that has been going on. The media, the Left, the self-hating Jews cheered on by anti-Semites all over the world all want us to give up, fade away, shuffle off and disappear. They want us to DISENGAGE from our Land and history, from our restored country.

I'm not "...tired of fighting... " Mr. Olmert. You'd be surprised. I know what you've been trying to do to us, demoralize us, exhaust us. We're the David to your Goliath. We're the David to your Saul. And we're the Maccabee to your Hellenist.

I realize that the most important campaign is to convince my friends and neighbors to vote against you in Kadima and against your supporters in Labor and Likud and even Mafdal, because you're all the same. You all believe that parts of our Holy Land should be Judenrein, empty of Jews. As far as I'm concerned, there's no, absolutely no reason for us to abandon our Land and hand it over to terrorists. Neither praise nor prizes could ever tempt me.

Money can't buy me love and Land won't buy peace.

No, I'm not confused, Baruch Hashem, Thank G-d.


Anonymous said...

Thats not very comforting

al_talana48 said...

rabin - de
sharon - coma

olmert - do you have a will ?

westbankmama said...

Batya, I think you should delete the previous comment.

I disagree with you about who to vote for, but I agree that it is still important to vote. Hopefully this depression that we all are feeling will pass.

Batya said...

So let's all get "excited" and hopeful and get out the vote!