Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The "nebich" line

A couple of hours ago, on my way home from work, I heard a radio "interview." The "Galei Tzahal" reporter was interrogating the head of the Amona neighborhood of Ofra. She was more aggressive than the toughest TV cop trying to get a confession out of a serial child molester.
"Your settlement's illegal, right!"
"Prove that you're not breaking the law!"
"Can you show that every piece of land there is 100% legally yours, above board?!"

...and similar accusations and demands.

The poor guy just didn't have the answers. He spoke very calmly and politely, pointing out that...
"...the forty families in Amona are simple law-abiding citizens, professionals, businessmen and civil servants. The neighborhood is ten years old. It has been supported and recognized by all of the government bodies including Bezek (phones), Mekorot (water) and the electric company. Nothing was ever done without approval."

She didn't listen and kept hounding at him, accusing them of breaking the law.

Then he tried a different tack.
"You know, we're part of the national religious sector. Just a few months ago we suffered a major trauma. We're still licking our wounds. It's not nice to hit us when we're down."
"So, will it be OK to remove you in a few months?"
"We're going to the Supreme Court to argue our case. Just give us more time. Olmert shouldn't be threatening us right before elections. It's bad timing."
"So, he should remove you after the elections?"

ad nauseum
I'm not exaggerating. I found it embarrassing. I found it depressing. He must have had been coached by Moetzet YESHA.
  • Where is the vision?
  • Where is the confidence?
  • Where are the historical and national importance of settling our Land?

Nebich! Why don't we have leaders? Our people are rudderless. Even in Judea and Samaria people in power have no idea why we're here. And they have no idea how to defend themselves. Why are we constantly on the defensive?

I feel so powerless, not against my enemies, but against my friends, the public officials who should be leading us, helping us, defending us. But they seem to be our greatest problems.

G-d willing, very, very soon,

Geula Shleimah, Bimhairah Biyameinu!

Complete Redemption, Quickly in Our Time


Anonymous said...

it's called education, or lack of.

Batya said...

It's more than that. There was a report that Moetzet Yesha sealed the homes!