Friday, January 6, 2006

We've already mourned

Whether Arik Sharon is still alive, already dead or something in between, it doesn't matter, we've already mourned him.

There was a time when he did more than anyone else to settle our Holy Land. He is the one who told the founders of modern Shiloh that the mountain overlooking the ancient tel would be the perfect place for a nice big neighborhood. I've lived here since September 1, 1981. It was Arik Sharon who brought in the first houses, and so many communities in YESHA can tell you similar stories.

Something happened to him after he became Prime Minister. He changed and went from being a builder to being a destroyer. He announced Disengagement that turned thousands of good Israeli Jews into refugees. So we mourned for the Arik we once knew. That Arik has been dead for a couple of years. Some "other being" has been inhabiting his ample body. Now the body is going to its maker. I'm not a prophet and can't tell you when it will no longer breathe.

The soul left it a long time ago.

Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet

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