Monday, January 23, 2006

Powerful and Corrupt, food for thought....

It's not very encouraging that the two most powerful people in ruling Kadima Party and that means the country are corrupt. I no longer count Ariel Sharon, since he's by all accounts seriously brain damaged. Rumors that he died a couple of weeks ago are probably true, but the doctors apparently got his heart beating again in order to be able have his name at the top of the Kadima list for the Knesset.

I'm referring to Sharon's son Omri, who has already been convicted and is now trying to find a way to stay out of jail.

Our acting Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, is also being investigated for corruption. His partner in crime is none other than David Appel, who is involved in other bribery cases, including Ariel Sharon.

Now, think about it...
Until fairly recently Sharon and Olmert did not get along in any sense of the word. Political pundits were more than surprised when suddenly Olmert usurped Bibi Netanyahu's place as Sharon's "number two."

Could Mr. Appel have been the one behind Olmert's sudden rise and promotion?


Anonymous said...

Moshe Arens is quoted as saying that the parties are fighting to show who will give up more land.

There is absolutely no term to describe this other than: erev rav. The parallels to the current parshas are fascinating. I am getting a hunch that we are about to see our geulah.

Anonymous said...

Josh, I think you are right.
It seems that the leaders of this country have completely lost any semblance of pride. They may as well be wearing signs that read KICK US.

I don't understand it, and I've given up on counting on any human. Really, G-d has a plan. I just hope to live through whatever insanity is coming agianst us.

Batya said...

Don't count on the world, or even most of world Jewry.

Anonymous said...

too much freakin' comparisions of Olmert to Armelus - the evil leader who will be around during our redemption. I'm happy, but it makes me queasy.



Batya said...

Something stinks for sure.