Thursday, January 5, 2006


Well, everyone is waiting for the announcement about PM Sharon's condition. Considering his weight and habits, he has survived lots longer than statistics would predict. And considering how much damage he has done to the State of Israel, he has lasted longer than he should have.

I'm sure that Olmert, the acting Prime Minister is happy that he has lasted this long. On his own, Olmert would never have made it so big so fast. His grass-root support in the Likud wasn't strong after a couple of terms as Jerusalem Mayor. That is especially after a statement of his was used to support Ehud Barak in his PM campaign against Bibi.

Now we have Olmert, since there's no way that anyone, young or old can function after the massive brain damage Ariel Sharon suffered last night.

Olmert stated that Israel needed Disengagement, because it was "too tired to fight!" Those aren't the words of a leader. Let him retire and leave politics, but instead we're now stuck with Olmert, whom I believe has been the power/brains behind all of what Sharon has been doing these past couple of years.

Now the question is whether all of those who have been telling the pollsters that they'll vote for Sharon will be willing to vote for Olmert and the pathetic crew of opportunists who have been fleeing their previous political parties to join Kadima.

Simply put, my read on the subject is that most Israeli voters are confused and will decide at the very last minute. That means that there's very little accurasy to the polls.

Of course, we have no way of knowing what other "bombshells" will explode on the political scene, and that includes the bombs that have been falling on the north
and south of Israel since Disengagement.


ceci le vista said...

Hi Batya,

Very succinct.

"...we're now stuck with Olmert, whom I believe has been the power/brains behind all of what Sharon has been doing these past couple of years."

What that quote implies about Olmert is exactly the impression I have. Meaning; the forces at work in and around Israel are larger that Sharon or Olmert and therefore do not necessarily budge with the decline of the individual.

That is not news to you, I know.

There will be enormous chatter in the US about Sharon etc. You should probably post this topic at 20,000 weblogs.

Hey! I'll post it as a topic at my weblog but only if you think that is appropriate. I change course daily over there...

Glad I saw your article tonight before resting. I'll sleep better somehow.

Batya said...

Glad that we see it the same, but I have to go to work now. Blogging doesn't pay the bills.

ceci le vista said...

We must pay our bills! And we must give Respect to That `which gave our individual Calling...

(btw) Never use teflon either. Why cook on plastic? Can't be healthy. Stainless and glass only. Plain salt, water, olive oil, much. hahaha.

I often wonder about the use of aluminum. the chefs of fame who appear on television use the aluminum pans alot...

But I wouldn't drink from a lead cup. The elites of Roma did so, it was high status then, when Nero fiddled. hahaha

Teflon is very popular though, don't ya think? Seems to keep getting the retail purchase vote.


ceci le vista said...

Took note of the Olmert tax proposal at new blog; Matzav.

Anonymous said...

Some perspective;

Olmert ranked really low in the Likud primaries, like 23 or even less. At the time of the likud primaries, it was seen as non-realistic since no one fathomed the likud getting 40 seats. Sharon plucked him out of oblivion and made him #2.

I don't trust him.

Batya said...

Beware of Olmert, what more can I say?