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Friday, January 6, 2006


In the teachers room, there was much debate and discussion about Sharon and prayers. What prayers does he deserve? There's a lot of bitterness and debate. Some teachers reminded us that his past is not all black. He did contribute a lot to the State of Israel and YESHA, too. Some reported that some of the students are extremely "anti," but there are even those cursing Rabbi Aviner.

Emotions are high, strong. We debated the timing of all this. Some wished it had been sooner, to wishfully have cancelled Disengagement, but that's a moot point now. Others had wished his medical crisis had been a bit later, like a few weeks before elections, since Olmert now has plenty of time to reorganize, or organize the Kadima Party under his direct leadership. Yes, direct, since I'm sure he had been playing Sharon as a master puppeteer.

Beit El, where I teach and Shiloh, where I live are far from the ghetto walls being built in our holy land. We're being locked out by Sharon and Olmert's government. Of course that colors our thoughts and feelings. We don't want to be included in the walled ghetto, we just don't want a wall!

So, yes we're praying. We're praying for the survival of a country. Please join our prayers.

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