Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Appel, Olmert, Sharon

Yesterday, the Olmert, Sharon and Appel connection just came up without planning, so today I decided to take a better look. It is news.

Ha'aretz had written about Olmert getting bribes from Appel, so Olmert was suing it. That's when Olmert was considered "right wing." Now that he has put up his Teflon-left-wing shield, he feels safe enough to drop charges. Notice that I'm not linking Arutz 7 news articles on this. Left-wing Ha'aretz has enough dirt on the Kadima founders and standard-bearers.

Here are some quotations from the bribery indictment against Appel:
2. Starting in the 1990s, Accused #1 began to be active part in various party affairs, including those relating to appointments to political and public positions and became known as someone with power and influence in this regard.

1. During the periods relevant to this charge sheet, Ariel Sharon served as an MK as well as in the following public positions: from July 8, 1996 to July 6, 1999 he was minister of national infrastructure and responsible for the ILA; foreign minister, acting chairman of the Likud Party, chairman of the Likud Party and a candidate for prime minister. On February 7, 2001, he was elected prime minister and on March 7, 2001, he was sworn into office. Therefore, while serving in all of the above positions, Ariel Sharon was a public servant as defined by law.

2. During the periods relevant to this charge sheet, the following public servants served in the following positions: a. Ehud Olmert was the mayor of Jerusalem (and therefore a public servant). b. Shula Zaken was the senior adviser to the mayor of Jerusalem and his office director. c. Amos Radian was the political adviser of the mayor of Jerusalem, on loan to the Jerusalem municipality from the Foreign Ministry. d. Ruchama Avraham was employed on the project as the material coordinator.

Corruption seems to be rampant. Note that Ruchama Avraham is one of those "unknowns" who suddenly became high up on the Likud election list for Knesset Members. Her Appel connection explains it.

Now, who is David Appel? According to some, he's a "right wing" businessman, but I find that description rather suspect, since his influence has moved them all drastically leftward.

And to make it even easier for you to research more on the Appel, Sharon, Olmert connection, here's the Google site/link.


yitz said...

Bunch o' rotten Appels, all right! The only ques. now is when are they going to "time out" the "death" of Sharon - probably at the best time for the sympathy vote to swing over to Kadima, no?

Batya said...

"Rotten" is the "nicest" word to describe the snake-filled "Appel."

Esser Agaroth said...

I think it's important that you keep mentioning the "Appel Connection."