Sunday, January 22, 2006

What next?

There was a time when we thought of our politicians as leaders, as moral and patriotic standard bearers. Now, gevalt, is about the nicest I can think of. I was never one for cursing.

A shockingly large percentage of Israeli Knesset Members are criminals, and I'm not referring to the "founding fathers" who were considered "rebels" and "terrorists" by the British sixty years ago. I'm referring to bribery and all sorts of financial crimes. Of course the really big ones seem immune from punishment, but many societies seem to think that there are different laws for the powerful.

Today while riding home to Shiloh from Jerusalem I was amazed at the fantastically gorgeous, enormous mansions being built by the Arabs. They're allowed to expand their settlements without anybody showing concern or threatening them with expulsion. There are no UN resolutions or statements by Bush and Rice calling them obstacles to peace. They can build and plant to their hearts' desire, and not only doesn't anyone think it's bad, they're encouraged. People come from all over the world, even Jews, to help them. Today I spoke to an old friend who said that a Jewish relative of theirs came to help the Arabs pick olives, to make up for the "crimes" the Israelis have done. Duh? What crimes? We're the victims here!

A short distance from the Arab mansions we passed Givat Asaf, a small Jewish community of young Jewish families living in old decrepit caravans, mobile homes. They're at the junction that leads to Beit El. It's the spot where Asaf Hershkowitz, of Ofra, was murdered by Arab terrorists, just a couple of months after the terrorists murdered his father nearby. This is one of the neighborhoods being threatened by Sharon and now Olmert, even though the land isn't owned by Arabs. The only land owners in the area are Jewish.

It has finally been revealed that anti-Disengagement demonstrators did not throw acid onto the police. Here we are a half a year later, and really do you think that the police and the media will apologize for depicting the young, teenage demonstrators as willfully injuring and endangering the big burly police?

Israel's recent Nobel Prize winner for Economics, Prof. Yisrael Aumann of Hebrew University , spoke at the opening of the 6th Annual Herzliya Conference , calling the treatment of the Disengagement evictees, "a national disgrace." He spoke well, but I'm afraid to hear what great announcement Olmert is planning.

I can't forget that Sharon announced his Disengagement Plan to expel thousands of peaceful Jews from their homes in Gush Katif and Northern Samaria two years ago at the 4th Herzliya Conference. Olmert seems to be in a hyper rush to make his mark and mutilate our Land as fast as he can.

We failed in our attempt to stop Disengagement, and now more and more Jews, thousands more are in danger. Olmert is planning on making our main road Judenrein. That's the road we take to Jerusalem. That's the road to Ofra, where my daughter lives with her husband and children. That's the road I travel to get to work. That is the central access road for most people in Shiloh, Eli, Maale Levona, Shvut Rachel and many in the Shomron.

Our basic civil rights are in danger.

If he, G-d forbid, succeeds in closing the road:
  • we will not be able to get to work
  • we will not be able to visit family and friends
  • we will be deprived of our regular commercial and cultural connections

Where are all the "peace loving" "human rights" activists?


Janjan said...

Batya, you should take some pictures of those Arab mansions, so I can link to it. I was there and saw that too, but you'll never find a picture on the web.

Esther said...

My heart hurts as I read this, Batya. You are so right. What the heck has happened?????? The world seems upsidedown.

Esser Agaroth said...

I'm wondering if perhaps the most disturbing part of this whole chapter is that most in Ofra (Mamlachti/Mafda"l-ville), and yes even some here and there in Shilo, Eli, and Ma'aleh Levona do not think this will ever happen. When will we ever learn? Please tell me I'm wrong.

Batya said...

It all helps me understand how easily the Holocaust happened.