Thursday, January 26, 2006

Democracy and Destiny

Democracy is supposed to be a measure of public opinion, and that's what we see in the local Arab elections. The only difference between the Fatah and Hamas is that one is honest and the other is hiding behind good tailoring, and the Arabs are pro-terrorism; they voted for Hamas.

The fact that people like U.S. President Bush and other world leaders are surprised that Hamas won just shows how little they understand. Too bad they're not given articles to read by Arlene Kushner, who has a better grasp of the reality here than all the big shots.

Israeli politicians are no better. They didn't understand the situation before, and they certainly don't understand it now.

Not only don't we have "partners for peace" among the Arab politicians, but your ordinary man-in-the-street Arab is not interested, and peace cannot be legislated. It must come from the heart, and the Arabs have terror in theirs.

Former U.S. President Carter thinks that the PA (sic) deserves to be funded, since they're "poverty stricken." He thinks that they just need more money. He has no idea what they really want, and doesn't care. He hasn't investigated what happened to all the billions given so far.

In two months we have elections here in Israel. They are very important elections. Our country is in danger, and most Israelis are ignoring reality.

I can see more and more clearly how easily six million Jews were murdered. Even the Jews who had a chance to leave stayed. The world was silent. The official Jewish leaders made the wrong decisions. They led the people in the wrong direction and condemned those, like Jabotinsky who kept warning of impending doom.

The Israeli establishment keeps repeating that we have a state because of the Holocaust and takes foreign visitors to Yad Veshem, which successfully raises more money than any other Jewish institution. This is all so wrong. That's why we are in such serious trouble right now.

We, the Jews, are a noble and ancient people. We had a state long before any of the modern ones. We have always mourned the loss of our Land, and now we are back. We don't need European history, nor the UN to give us legitimacy.

The Arabs around us voted for terrorism. They're not fooling, unlike all those fooling themselves into believing that money and a state will make them want peace.

And whatever happens to our "State of Israel," someday there will be a true Jewish State here. I have no idea what will be in between.

Someday the Third Holy Temple will stand in Jerusalem, G-d willing.

Shabbat Shalom


Robin Ticker said...

Our leaders must point to the Torah and Mitzvoth. A gov't based on Torah and Mitzvoth is eternal yet revolutionary. It hasn't been done in two thousand years. We need the desire to have a gov't based on Torah and not democracy. If in the United States they voted democratically to end democracy that would be democratic and therefore legitimate? That proves that democracy is not the ultimate in truth since it can self destruct.

Democracy has served many gov'ts well and I'm do not chas veshalam wish to knock it. However, for Am Yisroel in Eretz Yisroel it can only be Torat Yisroel.

Anonymous said...

Why Hamas winning is a surprise to anyone is beyond me. The Pals rewarded Hamas in this election because they think its campaign of violence was what made Israel pull out of Gaza. Terrorism is being rewarded and this is what those of us who were against disengagement have been saying since day one. The Palestinians apparently like terrorism. Too bad it's taken a Hamas victory for the rest of the world to figure that out. Shalom.

Batya said...

yes and yes