Sunday, January 1, 2006

Back in the saddle, while others fall off

I'm back in my blogging saddle after spending time with family and friends, to be described a bit later on me-ander. And I finally finished the latest Havel Havelim, so I'll ready to rock an' roll, if you don't mind my mixing metaphors or whatever.

I hadn't heard or read much news since Shabbat which is actually Thursday's stale news in the papers. So, even though I'm not a fan of Moshe Feiglin, I was dissapointed that he got out of the saddle of sorts and won't run for Knesset. This seems especially foolish, since the law would also apply to icon Sharansky and others considered upstanding, respectable Israelis. I also have major problem with his statement:
Don't forget, our goal is not necessarily to be in the Knesset, but to take leadership.

The power and pressure of a group of Knesset members is far superior to those on the outside of the government. We saw that his summer during the build-up to Disengagement. There is no effective leadership outside of the government. Having followers and "being right" aren't enough.

He should have fought, and he should have used that "law" to compare himself to Sharansky and others accepted by the establishment and masses.

But, then again, I never agreed with his strategies, though I did vote for him in the Likud elections.


Anonymous said...

Batya, let me first say that I respect and admire your committment to Torah and courage in the way you lead your life; I have a lot of pride in you and hope to follow your path someday. However, I have sat down and asked Moshe Feiglin many questions about his strategies (which you say you disagree with), and his ideology (which I assume you agree with). Listening to Moshe and developing a deep understanding of his strategies is like going over and over a Talmudic concept until the penny drops. What Moshe is attempting to do is to change mainstream Israeli thinking from within, kinda like an outreach programme. What other faith based politicians are attempting to do is to put fences around their levels of tolerance which isolates them from the mainstream...sets them apart so that they are seen as "them" and not "us" by the mainstream. How , I ask you, in a democratic election, can you ever get anywhere by setting yourself apart? Feiglin believes there are enough Jews in Israel who have your (and his) ideology, but for a variety of reasons they don't know or realize that. It is far easier to reach reach and get your message across to them from the mainstream then from a small party.
Besides, which, he realizes that the future of Israel is dependent on the identity and culture of mainstream Israel becoming more Jewish oriented, more faith based, and the only derech is from within.
As far as the knesset bit is concerned, Manhigut Yehudit has many skilled people, and it is taking advantage of this opportunity to show the Michael Fuah's of the faction off; also, Feiglin really would be better off not being bogged down to knesset activities, when the real work is in the field, setting up new chapters around the country.

Esther said...

This call by BiBi to not let people who have been jailed, for no matter WHAT reason, seems really crappy of him. It's like, he knows who it affects and he's trying to get rid of any competition. I am getting more and more disgusted by his self-serving ways -- and I used to adore him!

Anonymous said...

My problem is that I don't believe in the knesset anymore. If quoted correctly, then Feiglin is right in saying that they courts run the country. Another problem is the leftist-elitist media. As long as they control the 'mass media' and as long as people given them credibility, they decide who is respectable and not. The media will never, ever let the right-wing take power easily. For instance, the likud was the media darling only until Sharon left, and now they are ridiculed. No need to talk about National Union which they paint as extreme-right.

Feiglin wants me to vote Likud? As long as Bibi, Livnat, Katz, Neveh, Landau and other expulsion MKs are inside, no way.

Batya said...

Trying to touch on all your points.

Yes, actually the courts do control more than it should, but the only way of changing its power is by legislation--the knesset!

And the media has influence, so we must get into it, and that takes time and determination.

The younger generation has the challenge to choose a field of choice, according to talents, and work hard to push ahead.

Don't trust Bibi; charm isn't everything.

Feiglin has disappointed.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Batya: Having also spoken to Moshe about this issue many times, I'm not sure I disagree with him.

The purpose of the Knesset is to legislate, to create laws. In reality, there is only one person in Israel today who decides on the laws, and that's Aharon Barak. In our judicial dictatorship of today, Barak decides if a law clashes or agrees with his personal worldview, and decides accordingly on its enforceability.

Feiglin and Manhigut have clearly stated that one of the 4 main planks they are trying to implement is Bagatz reform. Only once we can Bagatz reform will the Knesset have any real meaning.

Having Feiglin as an MK and not a senior member of the government will have no effect on the problems we face daily.

(And I cringe to say this, but even a 40 seat unified right-wing, religious won't have an effect either).