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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Olmert, the Scrooge

Just a short time ago, everyone was so impressed by how Dr. Daryl Tempkin, of California, managed to gather tons, yes, tons of donations of clothing, medicines and other necessary items for the Disengagement victims. Everything was going well, until Olmert's taxmen got to them. More about it here.

So now all of the donated goods are in storage, because he wants tens of thousands of shekels in taxes. And now's the time to protest.

Here are some suggestions:

I would suggest lots of anti-Olmert protests, now especially, when everything is so sensitive. Small, with big signs, just a few people, so you don't need permits.

Olmert robs Disengagement victims!

Olmert prevents humanitarian gifts to Disengagement victims!

This should be all over the world.

Also, now there will be lots of articles and programs about Olmert, so the world should know who he is, since he's the "acting, or substitute" Israeli Prime Minister, and he's the new "number one" in the Kadima Party. It's the perfect time to write your newspapers and call radio shows to tell of his cruelty

G-d willing, we'll be able to change his mind! He'll have to see the the world is shocked by his policies.

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