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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Big deal!?

Israel's media has been filled with "PA" (sic) election news. Sorry, maybe I'm stupid, but I can't see the difference between all the factions, candidates, parties etc. Just like "a rose by any other word" still has thorns, to me whether you call them Fatah, Hamas, Bin Laden, Abu Mazen or Arafat, they're still just plain unrepentant terrorists.


yitz said...

See this:


Which says:

Yesha Rabbis Call Upon Israelis to Awaken From THEIR Coma
14:25 Jan 26, '06 / 26 Tevet 5766

(IsraelNN.com) In his capacity as the head of the Yesha Rabbinical Council, Kiryat Arba Chief Rabbi Dov Lior stated, “The election of Hamas is the result of the cruel expulsion of Jews from Eretz Israel.”

Rabbi Lior added, “Yesha rabbis are calling on the People of Israel to awaken from the ‘coma’ of the ‘Kadima way’ that selling our brethren and their inheritance will merit us peace and tranquility.”

THIS should be on the top of your blog today!!!

Batya said...

I really don't see any real difference between those Arab parties. None are "peace partners." I've been saying this a long time. All of the negotiations are dangerous for us.