Tuesday, November 8, 2005

What's really going on in France?

From what I've been reading, Paris is burning. (Look at the picture.) And this has been going on for about two weeks already.

The amazing thing is that so far only one fatality, though there have been over a hundred injuries to police and firemen.

This NY Times article is the most comprehensive.

I wonder if the US State Department has put out their warnings about the advisablity of not going to France until the "revolt" is put down.


Anonymous said...

Notice how the foreign media only mention the immigrant/Muslim/Arab angle near the bottom of their articles.

Spoke to a relative in Paris and he says that 'it's not such a big deal'. Apparently, the same way we claimed during the intifada (between 87-91) that the Arab violence was restricted to areas far away from Jewish areas, the average frenchie is not affected by this violence. If s/he would not be informed by the media, they would not know that anything out of the ordinary is happening.

The frenchie leaders are taking it seriously though. I don't think that anyone knows if this will peter out, or mushroom.

Batya said...

the police aren't making any progress

You can't contain this sort of violence.

Tovya @ Zion Report said...

That's nothing. I just read an article that says that the Muslims are only "watching" the riots from the sideline and that actually black (non-muslim) folks are the ones rioting. What's with that?

Anonymous said...

Let me say something up front; France, this is about France as a country and Muslims as a group. It is not about America or China or Ecuador or Cuba. These predictable and ceaseless attempts to put perspective on Islamic violence are contrived and peculiarly repetitive bearing the unavoidable unconcious gestures of collusion or mass denial on a global scale.

Check littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/ there should be a link2article addressing the selectivity of the attackers. In other words they are not burning the cars of Muslims, they are burning the cars/property of non-Muslims. But if I can be so impulsive my guess is that "something" will soon appear to discount that obvious fact. "Something" such as evidence to the contrary presented by some affectation of officialdom. (Recognize the pattern? It is there right in front of you but an "authority" argument always appears to tell you it is not there. Who knew?)

This is the new world order.

A different mass pychological perspective on the same primordia. The cold war order is over, rhetorically over, unless you perceive AK-47s, Soviet/Russian advisers in the territory and other manyfold whispers of artifice to reveal something ... It is fascinating that the weapons used by opposing sides reveal so much lineage.

Let me say something up front; France, this is about France as a country and Muslims as a group.

This is mythology that France could not, cannot, control these events. They are not stopping them for other reasons which may be unconcious or contrived or both. It is as if they do not want to offend their benefactors.

I'll go further with allusion. If tomorrow there was indisputable evidence that salt water could generate heat and therefore fuel any machine, tomorrow would be the day that the cars stopped burning in France and everywhere else ... understand?

BUT it would all quickly become another newer world order, with new rhetoric. You cannot wash away the broader pattern.

Let me say something up front; France, this is about France as a country and Muslims as a group.