Monday, November 7, 2005

The Mt. Zion Conflict and I

Well, actually, it's not Mt. Zion that has a conflict, it's the Jews and the Catholics and the disengaged politicians and those of us who treasure our Land and history.

Poor Mt. Zion, King David's special spot. Today it overlooks modern Jerusalem.

I've become a sort of spokesperson, very strange. All I really want if for the real powers to take over and fix it all. The really powerful people should wake up and cancel the whole agreement and tell the Vatican that Mount Zion's Jewish, and we don't want any old church that was once a synagogue. We don't want to invest our Jewish money in some old building in Spain, where there aren't any Jews. We don't want more Jewish tourism and Jewish money to go to Europe. We need it all here.

We want to develop Jewish education and Jewish awareness all over the world, and if people want to travel to see Jewish treasure and Jewish history, may they all travel to our precious Holy Land.

And we have so many serious issues to take care of here in Israel, and I resent that I've been distracted from the displaced/dispossessed Jews here who were disengaged from their homes, businesses, neighbors, schools and jobs.

There are thousands of Jews who need our help, and suddenly, apparently not all that suddenly--they've been hatching this scheme for years--right in Jerusalem, next to the Old City Walls, Mount Zion is in danger.

Enormous sums of money have been mentioned. The Catholic Church is very rich, and Israeli politicians are very "vulnerable."

So please, let's put pressure on the Israeli Government to stop, to cancel negotiations.

Mt. Zion is Yerushalayim!


Tovya @ Zion Report said...

I agree. I wrote a similar opinion on my blog. Cheers.

Batya said...

Keep spreading the word.

Anonymous said...

In fact, the church needs to hand over to the Jewish people all our old buildings, cemeteries, books/scrolls, items from the Bet HaMikdash...and get nothing in return...because the church stole them to begin with. This idea of giving our property up to get something stolen from us previously must have spilled over from Oslo or something. When did our shrewd nation become the patsies of the world?