Friday, November 4, 2005

Government by Leaks and Bounds

It seems like we're being governed by leaks and bounds.

When the Israeli Government has an idea that may not be too popular, it's first leaked by various cooperating media figures.

Then when they see that the opposition is adamantly opposed, it's denied. Then it's leaked in a different format, and if there is still a lot of opposition, another denial. This goes on until the "polls" measure that the time is right to "bound" in, no matter what the public really wants. Because after a while most people are numb and confused.

Recently they pulled a really sophisticated, advanced version of the leak and deny method. Post Disengagement we had already heard so many times, even before the withdrawal and destruction from Gush Katif and northern Shomron that parts of Judea and Samaria were next. So that's where we were concentrating our energies, when suddenly, AMBUSH! we found out that the government is about to sign away David's Tomb, Mt. Zion to the Vatican, G-d forbid.

This must be stopped. And we need a government that will develop and strengthen the country not destroy it!


Anonymous said...

I remember only a few short years that us little people used to actually believe that scoops leaked to the media was inside information that some reporters were getting fed from anonynous sources.

But in today's age, it has even been confirmed that these scoops are not 'leaked' to the media, but rather unofficial press releases from the top of the latter (Sharon, Olemert, Halutz, etc...) to an inner circle of allied reporters (Dan Margalit, Nahum Barnea, etc...). Other reporters get fed juicy items every once in a while, and don't dare critcize the government for fear of being taken off even the lower 'B' list.

Batya said...

very true