Monday, November 7, 2005

Uzi Landau watch/listen

Bad news, ok more bad news for those who still have their faith in Uzi Landau as an opposition leader. What is he up to?

And as a special service for those who aren't into Spanish dancing, meaning, don't like to "click," here's the article. My emphasis in bold.

MK Landau: Our Intention is Not to Disparage the Prime Minister
10:37 Nov 07, '05 / 5 Cheshvan 5766
( MK Uzi Landau, leader of the “Likud faithful” bloc of MK’s opposed to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s disengagement policy, said he and his supporters are not interested in disparaging the prime minister in today’s Knesset vote on new cabinet appointments.

In an interview on Israel's government-sponsored radio this morning, Landau said that if Sharon brings up the appointment of Ehud Olmert as finance minister in a separate vote, he would support the measure.

Olmert, who succeeded MK Binyamin Netanyahu as finance minister after Netanyahu resigned over implementing the disengagement, holds the post in a temporary capacity, until his appointment is approved by the Knesset. Sharon’s other two proposed appointments, Ze'ev Boim, as Minister of Absorption, and Danny Yatom, as Minister of Industry and Trade, are not expected to attain a majority in a Knesset vote scheduled for today.

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