Sunday, November 27, 2005

More trouble for the Jerusalem Hyatt

The "Jerusalem Hyatt" Hotel is in big trouble. I remember when it was first built and opened, a magnificent luxury hotel in Jerusalem on the "seam" between Jewish and Arab neighborhoods, near the Hebrew University and Hadassa's Mount Scopus Hospital. Not only was the lobby one of the most impressive, if not the most impressive in Jerusalem, high ceiling, waterfalls and unbeatable view, but the hotel originally served "French-style" kosher food.

In those early days, we--the entire family including all five kids--were once treated to a Shabbat there, when my husband was invited to debate Yael Dayan on Shabbat afternoon for the entertainment of visiting Americans. I remember that the kids complained that the food wasn't "Shabbat-style." It didn't taste "Jewish," since it was gourmet.

On the way home, Saturday night, our bus was stoned heavily, and glass got into our youngest daughter's eye.

The hotel never became the popular money-maker the Hyatt company had expected. The foreign journalists still prefered and prefer the ambience and Arab hospitality of the American Colony Hotel. And Jewish guests didn't like the closeness to the Arab neighborhood and the distance to the tourist attractions and other Jewish hotels.

After Israeli Tourism Minister Rachavam Ze'evi was murdered in the hotel, it almost emptied out completely.

It's prices went down, and it became possible to get very good deals there. As a sign of its desparation to fill its rooms, it even became one of the "temporary solutions" for homeless Disengagement victims. Now it has a new problem. It was just announced that it lost its kashrut certification.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Muse: A7's hebrew report has more details. Apparently there's a powerplay between the hotel's mashgiach and the Jerusalem rabbinate at the expense of the Gush Katif refugees.

Totally disgusting.

(And I love that hotel...except the last time I went there, they surprised my wife and I with a complimentay "wake-up" call at 4:45 AM...which we hasn't ordered)

I hope they get their teuda back soon.

Batya said...

Thanks for the added info. I also like the hotel and hate the "hechsher politics." Makes you lose your appetite.