Monday, November 28, 2005


Now, I must say that nothing really surprises me about Ariel Sharon any more.

I was surprised and upset by his original Disengagement announcement. And I was surprised, upset and disgusted by his dictatorial totalitarian means of enforcing Disengagement.

But now, these latest announcements, already in the stage after "leaks," that he wants to give, G-d forbid, the Arab terrorists over 90% of what remains in our hands of YESHA, get a "so, who's surprised?"

And who and what is Ariel Sharon? He's the person who visited Shiloh in early 1981 and told the few families there that they "weren't thinking large enough." He pointed to the mountain above the ancient Tel of Shiloh, a kilometer from where the first permanent houses were being built, and announced that Shiloh's new neighborhood would be up there. That's where we live, having moved here the summer of 1981. Every veteran yishuv has stories like that about how Ariel Sharon encouraged their existence and expansion.

We really do feel betrayed. We're being tortured and murdered by the man who was our "father figure." And I guess we didn't know him at all. Yes, we should have suspected something when he worked so efficiently at destroying Yamit and the other Jewish communities in the Sinai. But, honestly, Menachem Begin was also involved in that. Could it have been that Sharon was more instrumental in the entire Camp David--Sadat "agreement?" Many of us have been blaming Moshe Dayan, who had been drafted by Begin (or was it already Sharon's influence?) to make him (Begin) "more attractive" to the world's diplomatic community.

When will the truth come out? Will it? Who really knows, other than Sharon himself?

Another peculiar figure is Israel's very own Dorian Gray, Shimon Peres. He is one of the latest to join Kadima, Sharon's new political party.

Just a few short months ago, when we were campaigning against Disengagement, I predicted that if we G-d forbid lose and Disengagement is implemented, my home would be next. Unfortunately I'm right. The case against Disengagement should have focused on the big picture, and it didn't.

Now after the horrendous and dangerous precedent of Disengagement, we have a much more difficult job ahead. Sharon has taken off his mask and so has Olmert, Mofaz, Sylvan Shalom, Limor, Tzachi, Bibi, Sharansky ad nauseum. We've seen their performances under fire, and we know what they're really made of.

This next, March 28th, election is the most important in the entire history of the State of Israel. We must unify to save the country. We must also reject the corrupt. I only see one party to vote for, The National Union.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Muse: Israel's system is not kind to minorities, and a majority of one is considered valid enough to destory everything in its path.

What hope do you see for Israel, by voting for NU, if there's no hope at all for a right-wing/religious coalition? Like it or not, the Likud is not disappearing and will remain with at least 15 seats in any political constellation.

Shouldn't we work on trying to keep the Likud rightwards, in the hope that eventually, we'll have a rightwing to work with?

Batya said...

Sorry Jameel and all those putting their trust in Feiglin and Uzi, but I feel that the Likud is beyond rehabilitation.