Thursday, November 3, 2005

and more on Uzi Landau

Some of my friends are going to be very angry with me. Too many times I've heard them say that I'm

...too critical of Uzi.
He's such a nice guy
Isn't he the best we have from the Likud?
Why do you keep picking on him?

Honestly, I don't look for faults. I'm not trying to "pick on him." Really it's just too easy to find problems with him, but I decided to back off, and I haven't written anything for quite awhile, but now I have no choice.

Let's start with an easy question. Since Arik Sharon started with his dangerous and evil Disengagement Plan, which minister has been his chief supporter? The answer is Ehud Olmert. Yes, the same Ehud Olmert who managed to easily push Bibi Netanyahu out of the Number Two spot in the cabinet. The same Ehud Olmert so palsy with the big "no law is bigger than me" contractors. And the same Ehud Olmert who gave the interview, when abroad, explaining that Israelis "are tired" and prefer giving away land, like in Disengagement, rather than defending it.

IMHO, Ehud Olmert is the most dangerous politician right or left, simply because after decades of playing "right" he recently revealed that he's really post-Zionist, left wing, not interested in a strong State of Israel.

Now, what does this have to do with Uzi Landau?

Arik Sharon is trying to refill his cabinet and among the proposed ministers would be Ehud Olmert as Minister of Finance, the post Bibi Netanyahu held until his resignation this summer.

There is cross the board opposition to Sharon in the Knesset, and MK's from all parties are threatening to vote "no" to his candidates. Sharon's "sweating" as the saying goes. You'd think that Uzi Landau would be encouraged to work harder to cripple the Sharon Government and keep Olmert down.

Isn't Uzi supposed to be our "great blue and white hope?"

At the end of the Arutz 7 article about the voting for the ministers I saw this:
Landau said he would vote in favor of Olmert if his
appointment is on a separate vote.

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