Tuesday, November 1, 2005

the Carnival of Liberty

Sometimes it seems like all I do is check the "carnival scene." Not true of course, but one of my aims in blogging is to get the truth out to people out of my usual circle, so I've discovered the carnivals.

They're not the type in which my elder son has won all sorts of stuffed animals for his neices, my granddaughters. He's a great sharpshooter, perfect aim. These carnivals are collections of posts (articles) found on blogs. Most are self-nominated, though the one I host (organize/edit) periodically, Havel Havelim, does include searching the Jewish blogsphere for new pearls of wisdom.

I blog to let people know the truth of what's going on in this world, at least the truth as I know and feel it. And one of the carnivals I now contribute to is The Carnival of Liberty!

Take a gander.

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