Monday, November 7, 2005

#152 Words, Again

Musings #152
November 6, 2005
4th of Marcheshvan

Words, Again

The words we choose have lots of power. I admit that I wouldn’t have thought twice about a news article saying that the Vatican wants the “Coenaculum,” or the “Cenacle Shrine of the Upper Room,” if I hadn’t already learned what and where it is.

Do you know where that room is and what has been going on there for decades?

I’ll tell you. It’s on Mount Zion and for decades, it has been used by the Diaspora Yeshiva. And while I’m at it I’ll add that the Vatican wants a lot more than that room.

According to Christian tradition, it is the location of the “last supper.” Of course they claim that that fact is indisputable, and the Jewish connection is in doubt. They fail to mention that their Jesus was a practicing Jew during his lifetime, and if he chose that location to celebrate the Passover Seder, the odds are that he chose it for its Jewish significance.

A simple reminder, Judaism predates both Christianity and Islam. And just another “minor” point; since both Christianity and Islam tried to replace Judaism, claiming that their religions are a “continuation,” or “improvement,” they adopted many of our historic locations, tombs, shrines and Biblical history. That’s connected to the importance they see in trying to convert us.

I can’t even say that the media isn’t describing it quite like that, because unfortunately, the media is ignoring the entire issue. There has hardly been any mention in mainstream papers. Every time I tell someone what’s going on, I hear this gasp: “How could it be? But it wasn’t in….” And they name a newspaper.

Maybe I’ve been sounding a bit repetitive recently, but I keep hoping that others will join our small group. We’re talking about our heritage, King David. King David unified the Jewish nation and brought the capital to Israel. He did the groundwork, so that his son, Shlomo, could build the Holy Temple.

Mt. Zion has always been associated with King David. We must keep, preserve and treasure his mountain.

Batya Medad, Shiloh
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Anonymous said...



Recently the word "irony" was walking around some of my letters. I recall finding it ironic that You were responding to questions of writers' block when my impression was that You were busy meeting at Mt. Zion, marching, teaching, hitch-hiking, weblogging and undoubtedly being a family woman.



"The words we choose have lots of power."

Mine( sent to just two weblogs an hour before I viewed Musings #152.):

(Cherokee, not sure?)

The word has power, it breathes life and meaning into all things ...

[That came from an anthology of American Indian literature, "The Way" author?]

OT, I know, now back to Mount Zion.


Batya said...

Ironic, yes, that when everyone knows who I am and what I think, you point out these coincidences but don't sign your name.

Anonymous said...

What information have we regarding exactly what the Vatican has from Beit HaMikDash and what communiques have they issued on this subject, do you know?

Batya said...

Good question!