Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pictures say so much

This picture of Israel's President Moshe Katzav is bothering a lot of people. Its composition says more than the greatest writer ever could.

Height is power. The Italian guards stand proud and tall, and what could be said about our president? Dwarfed, submissive?

Our Judaism and our Jewish People existed long before Christianity, which is best described as an old off-shoot of Judaism.

The Vatican has precious Temple artifacts stored away. Over the years, on very rare occasions, some people have been given a tease of a look. At the same time, the Vatican has been trying, scheming, to take over Jerusalem, and the recent attempt to occupy Mount Zion is only the latest of a long series, centuries long.

Investigative reporters discovered that the "leaks" about Katzav signing an agreement were from the Vatican, hoping to create facts. Many people are crediting Internet, email and bloggers with bringing it to public and political knowledge. Bli eyin haraa, (don't tempt fate), we stopped them this time, but they are not giving up, and they have lots of money and staff to keep on trying. We must stay vigilant.

Our president may be bowed, but we're not at all!

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Just Passing Through said...

As long as they're wearing tights, we're still 'taller' :-)

Batya said...

and the high boots and glitter...