Monday, November 14, 2005

Moshav Argaman

A long time ago, in spring of 1971, we were at the ceremony in Moshav Argaman, in the Jordan Valley, when it became a civilian moshav, rather than a Nachal Army Base.
I took this picture of Menachem Begin and Ezer Weizman. It's a small picture and in black and white, and we just got this new scanner, so I figured that I ought to practice using it.


avi jaffe said...

In late 1968 I was part of a first group of approx. 15 men and women from a "nachal" group named "EL MUL Edom "
after a few weeks once we had completed the building of the camp the rest of the group joined us for the next 12 months of the service.
Great memories.

Batya said...

Thanks for the info