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Monday, January 22, 2018

Trump -Pence Presidency The Most Pro-Israel Ever!

Finally, the United States elected a presidential team that didn't throw their pro-Israel promises in the trash before Inauguration Day. Most nominees and wannabes for the White House sound as pro-Israel as Donald Trump did while campaigning.

Claiming to care about Israel's security, moving the embassy to Jerusalem etc are common applause lines when campaigning. Apparently it gets them votes, too. But once elected their tunes change. That's the routine we'd all been used to. But everything changed when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

Suddenly and for the very first time, The State of Israel found itself with a friend and ally in the United Nations.

It took almost a year, but President Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of the State of Israel. That speech wasn't even here in Israel, where many American Presidents make very pro-Israel speeches, which are filled with empty promises. And now Vice President Pence is here visiting and continuing to show that this American Administration is like no other when it comes to the State of Israel. Apparently the timetable for "moving" the embassy to Jerusalem, or transferring staff in order to make the consulate building the embassy and visa versa is to be before the 2020 presidential elections.

May the Trump-Pence administration be blessed with good health in order to complete their terms and more.


Anonymous said...

Don't get your hopes high up.

Pence doesn't call the shots by any means.

And a plan is being made in WH for a two state solution. This plan will be forced upon the sides but behind the scenes.

Lots who do call the shots don't think like Pence or Trump and know how to circumvent same.

Batya Medad said...

After the venom of Obama, the nastiness of the Bushes, the sneakiness of Clinton, the lies of Nixon etc honestly, do you know history?

Trump-Pence are a pleasure in comparison.