Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Collateral Damage not "Dreamers"

There are too many misleading modern "idioms," or more accurately euphemisms branded by clever marketers who creatively distort the truth with fancy words.

"Dreamers" is the latest of these distortions. Officially, they are those who are illegally in the United States, but it can't be proven that they intentionally came illegally. That's because they were brought with their parents when too young to understand that they were breaking the law. This issue has absolutely nothing to do with the Trump administration, since I've been reading stories about the issue for many years.

Basically these illegals are more accurately Collateral Damage, which can be defined as those unintended victims in wars, police chases etc. They were brought or sent to the United States by their parents despite the known fact that these children would end up suffering because of their lack of legal, proper visas, paperwork etc. Didn't the parents understand that they were setting their kids up for these horrendous difficulties?

Now on the news we hear those "kids" blaming the Republicans for their difficult situation, but they are wrong. Their parents set their kids up for this awful problem. People in foreign countries who think that life would be easy if they sneak into the USA are wrong. These kids are victims of their parents' decisions. Sorry. And no country is required to accept anyone who sneaks in or overstays a visa.

I do feel sorry for them, but the solutions should not be too easy or it will just encourage more lawbreaking.

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