Saturday, January 27, 2018

Shiloh Celebrating 40

It's the Jewish Month of Shevat, the middle of the winter, when mud is deepest, and it's hard to thaw out toes and fingers. So, we really must give a lot of credit to those seven hardy pioneering families who came davka on TU B'Shvat to live in Shiloh and re-estblish it as a vibrant Jewish city. Most had babies and toddlers, so water, electricity and gas were necessities for daily life. Even when we came to Shiloh three years later, you couldn't take it for granted that you'd have both water and electricity when you needed to turn on the washing machine.

Shabbat lunch we had, what is now an annual event, an "oldtimers meal." Way back when, community events had high attendance levels. Now, it's rare to see our old friends from those early years, so we make a point of eating together once a year and exchanging news and memories. And every year I learn something new about those early years and days in Shiloh.

Here are a few of my old pictures from decades ago:


Miriam-Feyga Bunimovich said...

who is who?
the girls and the builder

Batya said...

Give me a call, my dear, and I will tell you.

Mr. Cohen said...

Celebrating 40 years is not enough;
we must thank HASHEM and praise Him.

Ancient Roman historians
connected Jews with the Land of Israel

AMJ said...

Incredible! Thanks for sharing the pictures and for paving the way for future generations!

Batya said...