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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tel Aviv is Not Immune

Pictures: פלאש 90, מרים אלסטר
Arutz 7
In welcome contrast to other Arab terror attacks in the Tel Aviv area, this time I didn't hear the inaccurate and annoying:
"Why here in --? This isn't the  westbank!" 
And the terror attack even got top billing on BBC.

I truly hope that Israelis of all stripes will finally recognize that the Arab terrorists want Tel Aviv more than they want Tel Zion!


Marcel Cousineau said...

The Arab, especially Hamas are just thanking the Israeli's for all the many, many, many goodwill gestures that have been given them for their terrorist ways.

They know with Israel, terrorism pays well, and there are only minor and very temporary inconveniences.

They, especially Hamas and it's leadership know they are safe as the poodle only attacks empty Hamas training fields.

They know that the poodle does not want to upset his owners, and will always roll over on command, woof, woof.

Batya said...


Mr. Cohen said...

Most Jews, especially Liberals, do not yet know that the laws of the Islamic religion require that *** ALL *** of Israel be destroyed and forever wiped-off-the-map.

According to the laws of Islam, the status of Jews is only a little higher than the status of slaves. Therefore, Islam considers an independent Jewish state to be almost as unacceptable as an independent state of slaves.

Batya said...

They think there are secular Muslims like themselves... deluded, delusional...

Shiloh said...

It is not a religion, but a movement of suppression under the guise of a religion. Look at the power they wield believing in a lie while we just cant get it together. But we must not be afraid, we must create our destiny as a people. Annex the land and never look back.

billbillt said...

"THEY ALL MUST GO"... A famous man once said before his untimely death.. They are beginning to look like wise words..