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Friday, June 24, 2016

Great Britain Reverts to its Island Isolation

From the news reports, it looks like Great Britain is actually going to leave the European Union.

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'Leave' scents victory as EU vote divides Britain
With results declared from 206 of 382 voting districts plus parts of Northern Ireland, Leave was ahead by 51.3 percent to 48.7 in the referendum, in which a vote to break with Europe could usher in deep uncertainty over trade and investment and fuel the rise of anti-EU movements across the continent.
Initial results suggested those in favor of quitting the EU were outperforming pollsters' expectations. They scored close to 70 percent of the vote in Hartlepool in northeast England and in Basildon, near London.
It was not clear whether an expected pro-EU vote in the capital and across Scotland would be sufficient to redress the balance. In the London district of Haringey, 76 percent voted to remain. (Reuters)

I'm not really surprised. Great Britain is an island off of Europe and always treasured its independence. That is what saved it from invasions, such as the Nazis less than a century ago. Also, in terms of the demography, cultural/ethnic politics in Britain, this is probably the last chance to get a majority to leave. As in Europe, the open borders have enabled a cultural diversity unprecedented in most of Europe and Great Britain for sure.

Don't forget that the European Union is much larger and more diversified than most people had ever expected it to be. For those who mourn the relatively monochromatic Christian Britain and Europe, they find themselves living in a nightmare, like a Twilight Zone episode.

The vote seems pretty close, so it could change directions, and then Great Britain will remain in the EU, and it will then find itself a totally different country in another couple of decades. And if it leaves, the transformation will just take a bit longer...


Unknown said...

I predict that Britain will not only find their decision to their liking, but that they will flourish not under-not isolationism but protectionism. And by respecting its' people and the way that they want to live, they will bring great power back into their nation through unity. A much under appreciated virtue. People who are alike and whose values are similar have less turmoil and less division among themselves. Poor stupid Americas' failing. Diversity brings constant strife. My dad made me promise when I began dating not to consider men who would bring division into the family.

Shiloh said...

It is a major blow to the globalist agenda. People throughout the world are rebelling in a wonderful way. The world wants their own exodus from the slavery of the globalists.

Batya said...

agree with both of you