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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Road Improvements to Make Life Better for Those in Binyamin and Shomron

Sometimes Jerusalem seems so far away. That's when there are major traffic jams at what's known as Kikar Adam, Adam Square and junction between the roads to Jerusalem, Adam, Ramallah and Benjamin County which leads to Samaria to the north. That short couple of miles from the Pisgat Zeev neighborhood of Jerusalem to Sha'ar Binyamin, just north of Adam can take even a half hour or more instead of five minutes.

For years we have been told that there are plans to widen, modernize the junction, We've been told of tunnels and overpasses, but until a few months ago, when we noticed work being done, we didn't believe any of the officials.

Last year the traffic jams during rush hour to Jerusalem became so intolerable I began sleeping in Jerusalem Tuesday nights so I could easily get to my Wednesday morning classes in Matan. Now, it's the highlight of my week, since I get to see my Jerusalem kids and all sorts of friends, go to events, the Israel Museum and eat out.

But a few months ago, we actually noticed changes. Of course I have absolutely no idea when it will all be finished. People went into a panic when as an "April Fool's Joke" it was announced that the area of the Adam Junction would be closed for a few months and we'd have to detour far to the east and enter/exit Jerusalem from Mt. Scopus.

Here are some recent photos.

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