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Monday, June 27, 2016

Israeli Debacle in Turkish Agreement!

Simply put:
I am embarrassed to be an Israeli!
Elder of Ziyon

Turkey supported an armed terror ship towards Israel, the Marmara, and now Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has agreed to pay them as if we're guilty!!!
Netanyahu traveled to Rome on Sunday to meet U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Israeli and Turkish officials were also in the Italian capital to finalize the deal.
Israel, which had already offered its apologies - one of Ankara's three conditions for a deal - for its lethal raid on the Mavi Marmara activist ship, agreed to pay out $20 million to the bereaved and injured, the Israeli official said in a briefing to Israeli reporters traveling with Netanyahu. (Reuters)

I am so disgusted that Bibi is paying off these terrorists and terror supporters. It will just encourage them to kill more Jews.


Shtrudel said...

I'm not only disgusted that Israel get's to apologize (again) but that Israel is going to pay reparations to a bunch of terrorists...

What's more galling is that I haven't seen a good enough reason to do so...

Batya said...

We should have demanded the apology and money

Sammy Finkelman said...

It's allowing Turkey to claimn they were in the right, but there's been repetition.
Bibi is paying off these terrorists and terror supporters. It will just encourage them to kill more Jews.

It's also coming after several years. So there is no reward, or at least no one would rationally plan on it. Israel also has some kind of agreement (which may hold or not, but Erdogan seems to want to work with Israel) for there not to be any more of this kind of thing, and it could not happen again anyway, because Israel would not count on something like that being non-0violent..

What's bad are these false promises of help in getting any prisoners or dead bodies out of Gaza - they are so worthless it would be better for them not to be made, and more of letting other countries claim that Israel is in the wrong - which is something that needs to be reversed if there is ever to be any hope for a more lasting peace. But it is just another drop in the bucket.

Sammy Finkelman said...

That should have been:

It's allowing Turkey to claim they were in the right; but there's been no repetition.

It also should have been after the quote in bold.

Shiloh said...

He's nuts!! Oh, but it will bring lots of business he claims. The world must be laughing at how spineless we are, a laughing stock. I am completely baffled why the hell we put up with this crap. Something is so wrong with the whole picture here.

Chrysler 300M said...

especially now with Erdogans genocidal behaviour towards the Kurdish people.
Is Bibi so desperate to sell the gas to Turkey?

Batya said...

amen x 2

Marcel Cousineau said...

Well at least we know that the dhimmi Jews of Israel pay their jizya / bribe to their Muslim masters.

Poodle Benji always knew how to roll over for his masters.

You left out all the benefits and rewards he is giving to the Islamic terrorists of Gaza for their terrorism, rockets and wars against Israel.

Who said ; terrorism does not pay ?

With Israel it pays very, very well.

A people and nation which shake their fists at God and celebrate perversity and homosexual parades are in for much sorrow and suffering ... and that is why God gave Israel a fool (Netanyahu) to lead them.

Batya said...

yes, horrid deal