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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Since Obama & Soros Opposed Brexit, Must be Good!


As the international LEFTIST media, politicians and policymakers have been racking their brains trying to comprehend how what they had considered impossible actually, surprisingly happened-- the victory of Brexit... They are now finally beginning to discover that it, davka, was the anti-Brexit campaign that created the crucial tipping point, which caused people to vote yes.

All of the threats and doomsday predictions, especially the interference by people like United States President Barack Hussein Obama just strengthened the feelings of ordinary Brits that staying in the European Union would further weaken their national sovereignty. George Soros's unpopularity with many also served to convince people to vote for the bill.

Many pro-Brexit voters admitted to the media that they had actually been on the fence until they actually voted, and the point that pushed them into voting to leave was the campaign to stay. This is proof of how totally disengaged politicians, the media and policy makers are to the feelings and fears of ordinary people. In the United States it can easily be seen in the rise and popularity of Donald Trump. All the anti-Trump campaigns has succeeded in doing is to make him more popular with ordinary Americans.

Remember the "Silent Majority?" Well, obviously those in power don't.


Mr. Cohen said...

Great minds think alike!

Just this morninhg I was thinking that whenever we are confronted with a subtle and complex issue, the best way to figure out the correct answer is to listen to the Liberals and Leftists, and tnen do THE OPPOSITE of what they said!

An Insider’s Guide to the Most Important Story on Earth
by Matti Friedman, 2014/8/26


LondonMale said...

Here in the UK the ridiculous thing which has happened is that the pro-European "Remain" people are pushing the idea that those who voted for Brexit are therefore racist.
Not only this, but are therefore small minded, backwards looking, inward looking and "Little Englanders."
There are people campaigning for Greater London to become independent! On the basis it voted 60% to 40% to remain in the EU.

Yet no-one on the UK had previously had the chance to vote on joining the EU.
The previous referendums were in the 1970's and were to join the European economic Community.
Not a federal european state in the making with an unstable Euro currency.

I voted Leave.
I fear the Euro currency, the EU bureaucracy, and the EU's anti-Israel rhetoric and funds given to Palestinians.

Batya Medad said...

Mr. Cohen, for sure.
LondonMale, just like in the USA when those who wouldn't vote for Obama were called racist. If the only reason to vote for his was that he's half black, then that's a racist policy.