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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Public Dovening, Kiddush Hashem!

I always get a kick out of seeing Jewish men gather together in all sorts of places to doven/pray, as a minyon, prayer quorum of ten or more. Last week as I was finally making my way back home to Israel, there was quite a large group at JFK International Airport near our gate*:

And then later, even on the very crowded plane, the men were back at it praying together:

B"H At a time when many Jewish men are afraid to wear their kippot in public, this really was wonderful to see.

*Unlike in other airports we, travelers to Israel, weren't fenced in.


Shiloh said...

They have also caused delays in boarding along with blocking safe access for both the airline staff and passengers. Pray all you want, just don't bother others in doing so. God needs human decency, not sacrifice via prayer.

Batya said...

These guys were as amenable as could possibly be. And they certainly stayed far from the boarding gate.

Anonymous said...

Shilo, when davening such as mentioned here, you can be sure they are doing the right thing. This is what H' expects from His beloved children and all those who are part of it and their surroundings are more protected & blessed for it.