Thursday, June 30, 2016

Havel Havelim: חי 18 Jewish/Israeli Blog Posts

There are so many really good blog posts out there to read, so I figured that today, quite a while since I had last put together a Havel Havelim, round-up of Jewish/Israeli Blog Posts, that today would be the day!

And as as been my practice of late, ever since I found myself as the last surviving/willing HH host, I will just list eighteen 18 חי linked titles of blog posts for your reading pleasure. Bloggers, an intriguing title attracts more readers! Sometimes I callout on facebook (please, join our HH fb group) for suggestions, but this morning, I'll choose them on my own. I hope you don't mind. Of course, if anyone would like to host a Havel Havelim, you're invited. Please let me know, thanks,

All I ask is that you read/enjoy, comment and share, thanks!

Launching in the Negev
The Danger of Comparative Religion
Jerusalem Light Show, 5776, 2016
Temple Mount Worship Or Desecration?
Schizophrenia and the Narrow Bridge, thoughts for Parshas Shlach Lecha
Serious Water Problems in Shiloh-- Rotten Government Planning!
To Be a Pioneer
Quick Shabbat Cooking with Minimal Water
Igniting Souls
The Jews Are The Indigenous Population of Israel
The Last Day
Now, There's One More Location in Warsaw
06/29 Links Pt1: Why Palestinians Throw Rocks; 10 Britons planned riots at Temple Mount during Ramadan
US Betar Reunion in Israel, June 23, 2016
Jerusalem Craft Beer Fair -- July 20-21
Israeli Debacle in Turkish Agreement!
Moral Oppression
Goodbye and Farewell

Let me know which is your favorite post or two or three, and also let me know which other blogs you like and think should be included. And remember that you don't have to be a blogger to read, comment and share HAVEL HAVELIM!!

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