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Friday, July 31, 2015

Silent Majority Cheers Trump!

For those who have seen more than a handful of American Presidential Elections there's a bit of deja vu here as we see the media doing its very best to convince the American public that they shouldn't take Donald Trump seriously as Presidential candidate. I remember similar talk about Ronald Reagan, who ended up being a very popular President.

Reagan was pooh-poohed as just an actor and Trump a joke. There are those who have gone as far as to insulting and denigrating Trump's supporters.

In a CNN interview Thursday, Paul dismissed the real-estate magnate's rise as a brief "loss of sanity."
"I think this is a temporary sort of loss of sanity. But we're going to come back our senses and look for somebody serious to lead the country at some point," he said. (Business Insider)
The Israeli Left  tried that a few decades ago and has never recovered its subsequent losses. They called Likud supporters "riff-raff." That's no way to win friends (voters) and influence people (voters, again.)

I connect Reagan with the term "silent majority," but it was actually Richard Nixon, who had never been popular with the press who used the term politically in 1969. Reagan actually did use it in his campaigns, too. And I see that today it is the very wealthy and successful businessman Donald Trump who has caught the attention of the silent majority, those who do not control the mainstream media.

As I've mentioned before on this blog, after experiencing the presidency, Reagan was known to have said that couldn't understand why people denigrated his acting experience claiming that it didn't qualify him for the Presidency of the United States, while he couldn't understand how someone without acting skills could be president.

To counter those who think that a real estate developer mogul's skills and experience disqualify him for the presidency makes no sense to me. Donald Trump's experience in finance and administration are far superior to that of a long-time, experienced politician. And he certainly knows more of how to rule and fix the world than a "community organizer"  like Obama.

There's still more than a year before the next American Presidential Elections, and a lot can happen until then. But I certainly wouldn't write out Trump and hope that the Republican Party doesn't do any of their "dirty tricks" to keep the nomination away from him.

In the meantime the polls put him ahead.

Polling Data

RCP Average7/13 - 7/2819.813.612. +6.2
Quinnipiac7/23 - 7/28201310666655322111Trump +7
CNN/ORC7/22 - 7/25181015645674432121Trump +3
ABC/Wash Post7/16 - 7/19241312768642342011Trump +11
PPP (D)7/20 - 7/2119171210108443311410Trump +2
FOX News7/13 - 7/15181514764842310120Trump +3


miryam heiliczer said...

I agree, Batya. I think Trump is well qualified as an administrator. And he does not take any BS from anyone. Perhaps tact is missing but perhaps that's what America needs! He is certainly patriotic and understands economics. He is also a philanthropist. Not sure how is on diplomacy or foreign affairs but again, my gut instinct says he would be good for America. That does not mean that he's got a great chance at winning, though. He has MANY detractors and would need a lighting polishing (if his ego allowed it). Heck, I think John Wayne would have been a great President! Here's to an interesting next year and a half!

Batya said...

Miryam, I agree with you, thanks.
His biggest problem is that the Republican Party doesn't want him, though the voters do. They will do their best to sabotage him.