Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nuclear Iran, Not Just Israel's Problem

I think it has been a major tactical mistake for Israel to consider Iran a particularly Israeli problem. And it is of crucial importance for Israel and Israelis to stop thinking that we have any influence on international leaders when it comes to anything, including international policy re: Iran. That's why I think that Yair Lapid sounds like a total idiot (OK, he always sounds like an idiot) when he blames our Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the fact that Obama and his international lackys came up with a very bad "deal" with Iran.
Lapid said on Saturday that he would make a written request to the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to establish a commission of inquiry to investigate "Netanyahu's foreign policy failure."  He also called for the would-be commission to make its final report on the matter available to the public.    
Lapid said Netanyahu's foreign diplomacy failure with regard to the Iran deal was the worst such failure in Israel's history. (Jerusalem Post)
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Considering all the press Israel gets for no reason, we forget that we aren't major players in international policy. The Americans Obama and Kerry had no problem getting the support of their cohorts for the "deal" that obviously won't solve the problem of a nuclear Iran.
That deal doesn’t merely show that the US is unwilling to exact a price from states that illicitly develop nuclear weapons. The US and its allies just concluded a deal that requires them to facilitate Iran’s nuclear efforts.
Not only will the US and its allies remove the sanctions imposed on Iran over the past decade and so start the flow of some $150 billion to the ayatollahs’ treasury. They will help Iran develop advanced centrifuges.
They even committed themselves to protecting Iran’s nuclear facilities from attack and sabotage.
Under the deal, in five years, Iran will have unlimited access to the international conventional arms market. In eight years, Iran will be able to purchase and develop whatever missile systems it desires.
And in 10 years, most of the limitations on its nuclear program will be removed. (Caroline Glick) 
We may annoy them at times, but they can too easily crush us if they want. Remember that although there is so much violence and cruelty all over the world, a truly disproportionate amount of time is spent in the United Nations condemning Israel for defending itself.

And what did Iran do to celebrate id and the "deal?"
Jewish Press
"We have repeatedly said we don't negotiate with the U.S. on regional or international affairs; not even on bilateral issues. There are some exceptions like the nuclear program that we negotiated with the Americans to serve our interests."
U.S. policies in the region were "180 degrees" opposed to Iran's, he said in a speech at a Tehran mosque punctuated by chants of "Death to America" and "Death to Israel".

Iranian leadership sees the United States as its chief enemy, even with Barack Hussein Obama in the White House. Their focus is on the USA, not on Israel.

I highly suggest that we in Israel start taking care of ourselves and developing our country, building all over Judea and Samaria for Jews and stop waiting for the world to approve.  No matter what we do, the world won't be in our favor. The only "pats on the back" will be to knock us down.

We are now in the days leading up to the 9th of Av, the most tragic date in the Jewish calendar throughout Jewish History. It is time for us to build the Third Holy Temple on our Temple Mount and banish our enemies!!


Leah said...

Amen! I do find it interesting to say the least when people will say "in five years this and that; in ten years, this and that."
I want to say, "No, they already have major weapons now. They are.just putting some finishing touches in them. Ten years? Oh, please...."
Then the other thought that runs through my.mind is gov't knows this, yet they are just not going to emphasize it....

Batya said...

So true people do not want to admit the truth.

Leah said...

Exactly, Batya. My hubby and I are really looking into aliyah...starting with one child first for school there etc...we have other situations that hinder one fell swoop process right now.
Yet, we also see the American everything declining rapidly- no joke. Nuclear agreement? Oh, please. They made an intentional- yes, intentional deal with the devil....

Anonymous said...

itineraries, scheduling tours months in advance, shallow plans like that really, really, really irk me, lately. it's not the abrogation of time; rather, it's a profound, yet calm urgency, a form av exquisite repentance, that sanctifies each heightened moment, potentially, ushering the ineffable into the earthy realm

timelessness is bordering on Fatalism, though, but my novice understanding av a she-donkey is that she is docile, not known to be as agile as a steed, sorta like bat yissachar and, i don't know, ben rusim: riding a donkey appears to be the personification of the underdog, but is also accompanied by the strength of the masses, something the Nations Fail to recognize in Israel; perhaps, achievements or merit ie blessing overwhelms most. it's hardest to envy a poor nobody, but the envy of the Nations can arouse a poor nobody to be used mightily to overturn all their tables, so to speak. i don't know. i'm no longer that invested in convincing the West to repent.

all obey, regardless.

shomron, y'hudah, v yerushalayim should be more receptive to those that hear without you telling them what to do. does that make any sense? it's like I don't need to tell the upper eastern hemisphere what to do: they just heed [like the chicken analogy: what comes first, tefilah or the answer to your needs]

Batya said...

Leah, good luck. We've been here 45 years and never looked back.
a, not quite follow you

Anonymous said...

og. when i get anxious, my prose goes off into tangents and derides lots of people.

and i've only written haiku in recent years. remember jack keroac? like him, but messier

Batya said...

So is this a mess?