Monday, July 6, 2015

Why has The World, International Leaders and Media Ignored Murder of Malachi Rosenfeld?

Through my husband's job we get the International New York Times, hard copy, yes meaning paper edition. IMHO it's still the very best way to read a newspaper. I went through last week's papers after the shooting attack on the four amateur basketball players from Kochav Hashachar, which resulted in the wounding of all and the death, the MURDER of Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld, HaYa"D. I didn't see any headlines, nor any photos of that cruel inhuman attack. If it was mentioned at all, it may have been buried in a long article. During that time there was a large dramatic picture and accompanying article about an Arab terrorist who was shot by Israeli security forces, as if that was a tragedy.
Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld,
Thousands of mourners gathered Wednesday morning in a West Bank settlement for the funeral of a 25-year-old man who was gunned down Monday evening in the West Bank while returning home from a basketball game. (complete article at Times of Israel)
But the editors of the esteemed international newspaper, part of the New York Times didn't consider the Arab terror attack on innocent Jews to be worth of All the News that's Fit to Print.

And just to make sure that it wasn't a fluke and it wasn't just the New York Times and its various national and international versions, I did a simple google search of "malachi rosenfeld killed." I purposely left out his second name to increase the chances of finding something, but all I found were Israeli and international Jewish media with articles about his murder.

I also didn't see any number of outraged statements by foreign leaders about the attack which took place just a few miles, even less if you hike it, just east of my house. Yes, by foot it's not far at all, and it isn't the first time there was a fatal arab terror attack there.
The road is listed as road 5050, but the residents of the area and the local council gave it the name "Gideon Road" after Gideon Lichterman, who was murdered here in a shooting terror attack in May 2003, some 100 meters from where Rosenfeld was murdered this week. This cursed and bloody road is also the artery that connects Shilo and Highway 60 to the communities in the Jordan Valley and the eastern Binyamin Region (complete article YNet)
The fact that the world, all those antisemitic feigning love for Israel hypocrites have no problems ignoring the Arab barbarity, the murder of innocent Jews is further proof that we should not make any efforts to gain their approval. Nothing has changed since the 1930's and the Nazi rise to power and subsequent Holocaust resulting in the murder of six million 6,000, 000 Jews and millions of others.


Leah said...

They do not care. They do not care. They do not care. Bang head here on wall. They do not care.....they do not.....

Anonymous said...

During the holocaust aside from gassing millions the Ukrainian, Latvian, Polish, etc. auxiliary police shot, buried alive, beat men, women and children Jews to death from hundreds of villages and towns and in short time.

One would think that 70 years late in the only one Jewish state, the leaders there would permit its Jewish citizens to arm themelves in self defense from barbaric, savage behaving different enemy.

But No, instead we see politically correct, fawning only to outside world leaders while damning their own Jewish citizens to get hit first at best.

Anonymous said...

The Palestinians in collusion with media and Left wing agencies have successfully dehumanized and demonized Jews to the point that killing us is really a nonissue. Nobody cares when the bad guy gets killed. They say, 'serves them right' and move on. That's where we are now. Why isn't there any righteous protest regarding the possibility of Iran getting a Nuclear weapon?


Anonymous said...

We are always a people dwelling alone. Always.

Keli Ata said...

it's painfully obvious:(

Batya said...

A 3, maybe the lesson of this past week's Torah Portion Balak is that we are safest on our
Keli, antisemitism plain and simple?
Leah, true and related to what I just answered.
a 1, when will we ever learn?
a 2 Emunah, we must stop listening to others and do what's best for us.

Anonymous said...

What kind of a trick question is that 'not care about a Jew'? It's obvious, it's because Malachi Rosenfeld, H' yikom damo, was a JEW! Isn't that enough reason for them? We are a nation that is commanded to dwell alone, but the leaders and the foolish followers run after those who would kill them in an instant. Gei farshtei???

Sammy Finkelman said...

The world ignores it, because nothing is going to happen. If there was a danger of israel doing soemthing different then it would pay attention. Attention is proportional to possible consequences.

Anonymous said...

Because G-d is sending us a message.

hana said...

I heard that a lot of jews not only in US but also in Israel are responsable for fighting against reigious zionist...maybe the main problem ?

Batya said...

a4, yes, true
Sammy, nothing's new
a5, sorry, I believe in Free Will
hana, do they hate us that much?