Tuesday, July 28, 2015

10 Years After Disengagement Add Beit El to List of Tragedies

Some people may think that the Israeli Government's decision to destroy Jewish homes in Beit El is too minor to be added to the disasters of Tisha B'Av, but I don't agree.

Police forces in large numbers arrived in the town of Beit El on Monday night in preparation for the demolition of the Draynoff Homes, which the High Court had ordered to be demolished....There were no reports of injuries, but at least 30 people were arrested.
The High Court on Sunday yet again sought to put a halt to plans to prevent the demolition of the homes, issuing an injunction against any construction work that would result from the removal of objections to the project by a planning council.

First of all, I think that we should consider Disengagement another of the terrible things that happened to the Jewish People on the 9th of the Jewish Month of Av. The 9th of Av is more than a specific date; it's a season. Anything that causes dangerous repercussions and is triggered by an event in the first half of Av, before TU (15th) B'Av is connected to the awful series of events. That is especially when they are connected to destruction of Jewish Homes, community life and the denial of Jewish Sovereignty.

How ironic, or typical to be honest that this decision is yet again by a Likud government. Remember that it was the Likud, led by its founding leader Menachem Begin which gave the Sinai to Egypt and destroyed Yamit and many Jewish communities in the process. Then again, it was the Likud, then led by Arik Sharon that masterminded the dastardly Disengagement which caused the handing over of Gush Katif and part of Northern Shomron to Arab terrorists. The thriving Jewish communities in Gush Katif are now ghost towns and/or terror launching pads against Israeli cities in the south and center of the country. Please remember--do not forget--that the Gazan Arab terrorists succeeded in hitting Tel Aviv last summer.

I don't vote Likud and I don't celebrate Likud "victories." Davka the Left may be in favor of all of these withdrawals/destructions, but they have never had the power to actually enforce them in the way that the Likud has. That is because the when the Likud is in the Opposition it is further to the Right than any of its governments.

And, I haven't forgotten Amona and its horrors, nor Migron nor any other similar anti-Jewish rights/settlement acts by Israeli governments. None of these have brought us peace, respect or security. There is no Justice in them, no matter what our "Supreme Court" has ruled. They are all dangerous travesties and tragedies, the modern suicidal attempts of the Leftist ruling elite to forge international alliances. The results just make us weak and vulnerable. It encourages antisemitism and Arab terrorism.

Police beating protesters at Amona destruction 

When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn? 


Anonymous said...

Batya, i just don't get it...

Why is this happening???
Why is it allowed to happen???
The world must be laughing... its not only the enemies of the Chosen who do this... but its own people... I mean even if the police and govt are not all Jews, nevertheless- Israel is a Jewish homeland?!!? Or am i mistaken...??
Scratching my head? I must be dreaming... i am in a nightmare..
It makes me want to opt out... opt out of this crazy upside down world.


Anonymous said...

It's happening because they are all one, the pm and the rest getting their orders. No one cares for the holiness of E.Y. - all part of the same reshaiim.

Batya said...

It is a battle fo Jewish Rights and far from over.