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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Immoral World Cares More about a Lion than Jewish Victims of Arab Terror

Last night after I got home late after a full day of work and a long trip to Netivot to see friends, I was totally stumped by the news on CNN. All they could talk about was the international outrage after Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist killed a lion. Lions in  are endangered species, but they are still just lions.
US uproar over death of protected animal forces Walter Palmer’s practice to close, as two others attend Zimbabwean court to face poaching charges (The Guardian)

Jimmy Kimmel on the Killing of Cecil the Lion

There were no outraged headlines and newscasts when Arab terrorists murdered Malachi Rosenfeld, Rachella Druk, Harel Bin-Nun, Gila Kessler, Yehuda Shoham, Shmuel Yerushalmi, Avi Siton, HaYa"D for them all, and all the other dozens or hundreds of Jewish victims of Arab terrorism.

victims of Arab terror

This Cecil the Lion business is a very clear example of the moral bankruptcy of the world. There is neither justice nor mercy for Jews. The world is more concerned about a lion than an innocent Jew. They can understand, justify, excuse and identify with  Arab terrorism against Jews, but they get all outraged when a lion is killed.

This is proof that we, the State of Israel, must leave the United Nations and the official bastions of hypocrisy. We must tell all of the international leaders that we will do what's best for us and expect them to recognize Arab terrorism and the so-called Palestinians sic for what they really are, immoral terrorist murderers.

All who support the Arab terrorists are our enemies!


CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

Hi Batya,

Seems like The Status Quo for Jews has struck yet again! The world cares more about the killing of a lion than the terrorist murder of an innocent Jew. The link is to my latest post, part 1 - part 2 will deal with Torah Governance as the solution to our problem - what little I know of it. The point, really, is that Jews of every stripe ought to become familiar with it (including myself, of course!) and be able to differentiate it from the laws of the rest of the Middle East. And not be afraid!

Thanks again for your encouragement - and I linked to a couple of your recent posts. ;)

Neshama said...

I agree with you and CDG 100%.
However, i happen to be an animal lover. I have always loved the big cats and the little cats that I feed who have made our bldg.'s gan their home. We give them water to hydrate in the summer. My latest is one dear cat who lost one of its paws to who knows what, so i call her limpy. She was always the loudest meowing for food. I wanted to see her survive. What a surprise when she started buldging and then disappeared for a while. Next we saw four of the tiniest little fuzziness. I was smitten. So were others in our bldg, and also the parents who dropped off their darlings with the babysitter. All kinds of people were stopping to see these cute little ones. As of now I think three of them have been adopted and just 'blackie' remains with his mother, limpy.

Why do I write this, well, we Jews are also commanded to be kind to ALL of HaShem's creatures, and this includes the animals, plant life, etc. All of the Earth is Hashem's creation. And the main creation is the Jew, in HaShem's 'middos' we were created. We owe an obligation to follow in HaShem's ways, emulating Him. And this of course includes caring for our 'brothers and sisters', even the ones who are not yet observant of HaShem's halachos designed just for us.

I was saddened by the wantonless killing of this rare lion, who was collared and studied by the people there. He didn't harm anyone, was friendly to humans, and so on as the articles explain. I don't believe this in any way takes away from my care and concern for Israelis/Jews who have been needlessly ripped from our communities. There are many caring animal lovers among Jews too.

Nach said...

The masses go to the zoo to see the lions not the lambs.

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on
what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed
lamb contesting the vote."
--Benjamin Franklin

Israel better be that well-armed lamb.

Anonymous said...

Shalom Batya,

I do agree with what you say, and like Neshama, I love animals too.

What I say now is, while agreeing with you Batya, humans have a mouth to speak and do, and also free will.

But animals, alas are just that... Animals. God gave man charge over them, and what this dentist did is deplorable.

God bless you Batya.


Batya Medad said...

My point is thst since the same people who condemn the dentist do not condemn the murdering Arab terrorists they exhibit a sick version of morality.

Anonymous said...

Batya, Of course you are right.

But this is how it will be and is.. sad...

But on the otherhand, all that was foretold is coming, and in the end, B"H, Am Israel will triumph, Mashicach wil come, Amein, and the enemies will all be routed.

As noachide, how i have longed to visit the Holy Wall, Hashem has not okay-ed it yet for me, but perhaps sometime in the near furture. Hope to while i still live.. now 75 years almost, :) Thank Gd.
Gd bless you and Am Israel.


Anonymous said...

Why are we comparing media coverage given to animals and Jews?

It's true that the media are highlighting animal cruelty more than Jewish and other human suffering, but they are only reflecting our understanding that animals are truly DEFENSELESS, and that humans have for thousands of years perpetrated pain and suffering on animals, often for the sadistic fun of it.

We should not dismiss the brutality of poachers and of SERIAL KILLERS of wildlife who call themselves "trophy hunters" - or any act of cruelty against animals.

Another case of living creatures being butchered in the millions, and which the media is NOT covering enough: The most recent scandal hitting PARENT PARENTHOOD, where a hidden video shows PP top doctor discussing how they ILLEGALLY harvest and sell aborted baby parts for profit. http://ottersandsciencenews.blogspot.ca/2015/07/planned-parenthood-admits-to-selling.html

By the way, we should not expect the international media to show compassion for Jewish victims while Israeli authorities themselves have been notorious for making every effort to spare murderous rock throwers and rioters any jail and inconvenience, for characterizing clear acts of terror as "suicides" or merely criminal in nature, for exposing innocent Jews to daily acts of Arab violence without offering police protection, for neglecting Holocaust survivors and Gaza expellees, and for inflicting abuse on Jews who dare to assert their legal rights in Israel.

Tracy W.

Sammy Finkelman said...

More people know about the lion.

Or a least, more people know only about the lion, and are otherwise very ignorant.

Otherwise they wouldn’t be blaming the hunter at all really, but they’d be blaming the guides.

Sammy Finkelman said...

On anotehrr webnsite someone wrote:

"There was a man who was head of arson investigation in New York for about 30 years in the early 1900s. The case that “made him” was an insurance scam involving a stable. The crooks insured a bunch of valuable blood horses, then substituted a lot of crowbaits. They had the stable set up to burn, even dousing the horses with kerosene, when the investigator busted them red-handed. He noted later that the public anger over this plot exceeded even the reaction to arson attacks on tenement buildings full of sleeping families."

Stephen Wikblom said...


Batya Medad said...

Stephen, oy
Sammy, yep, awful human nature
a2 yes
a1 thanks

Neshama said...

Someone just killed Cecil's brother, Jericho. Jericho was protecting Cecil's pride (offspring) and his female lioness. Otherwise they are in danger from other male lions.
Just look at that, Cecil's brother was protecting his baby lions. What a dichotomy between wild animals caring for one another ....... while human beings having no concern for living babies they want to tear apart to traffic their parts on the public domain!
I call attention to the lesson to be had here.