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Friday, June 5, 2015

Will Orange Suffer a Boycott if it Divests of Israel?

I received the following message as a comment on my blog:
Batya, please post if Orange divests from Israel. I will not know about it from the UK, but here many people are with EE, which is owned by Orange. If Orange leaves Israel, I will leave EE here. 
I just wonder how many people will try to boycott Orange related companies if they really close down their Israeli operations.
The CEO of French telecom giant Orange SA said Wednesday that he would have liked to sever ties with Israel as early as "tomorrow," but isn't ready to take the financial risk such a move would entail.
French human rights groups have been pushing their government, which has a quarter stake in Orange, and the company itself to end its business relationship with its affiliate, Partner Communications Ltd., a popular Israeli mobile provider. The groups cite Partner Communications' activities in Israeli settlements as the reason for the push.
Speaking at a news conference in Cairo to lay out plans in Egypt for the years ahead, Stephane Richard said his company intends to withdraw the Orange brand from Israel as soon as possible, but that the move would take time. (Israel Hayom)
It seems that the company and its subsidiaries should be boycotted.

"We want to be one of the trustful partners of all Arab countries," says CEO of French mobile company Orange, Stephane Richard | Photo credit: AP

I'm glad that we left Orange years ago. We signed up with the relatively new Golan-Telecom about a year and a half ago. We get unlimited service including calls abroad and two foreign numbers. Family and friends call me at a Long Island phone number. Golan doesn't have large fancy showrooms and stores. It's an Israeli company.

Over the years we had tried almost all of the big cellphone service companies, and they just take tons of money without providing more service than we get now.

The boycott of Orange must be abroad. Boycott all of their related companies. If anyone can give a listing in the coments here, it would be appreciated.


NormanF said...

Don't boycott Partner!!! Its an Israeli company and boycotting it would be Israelis punishing themselves.

All its lost is the Orange brand name. It can find a more reliable partner.

Leah said...

Man tracht, G-d lacht.

Batya Medad said...

Norman, the idea isn't to boycott Partner, it's for people abroad to boycott the Orange affiliates there.

Leah, yes, whoever laughs last laughs best.