Saturday, June 13, 2015

שלח! Sh'lach! Send Out Havel Havelim!!

Yes, it's the  weekly Torah Portion שלח לך Sh'lach Lecha! Send Out, and I request that you send out, share this edition of the long-running weekly international Jewish and Israeli blog carnival, Havel Havelim. It was established about fifteen years ago by Soccer Dad who no longer blogs. Now we keep it going on our facebook page. I host it most of the time, but the aim is for it to be hosted by other bloggers, too. If you're interested, please let me know. Also send me (before Shabbat your time) a link to your favorite Jewish or Israeli blog post of the week, best with a line about it, thanks.

Think of Havel Havelim as an internet magazine full of articles about Judaism, Jewish Life and Israel from various blogs. Sometimes the post isn't quite in tune with the host's opinion, but as long as it neither promotes another religion or the destruction of the State of Israel, it belongs in Havel Havelim. Some of the links are sent to the host, and others are chosen by the host. And some are from the host's blog/s of course. Participating in Havel Havelim is a good way to promote your blog, and hosting is even better.

Next week's Havel Havelim will be hosted by Enjoying the Bible. Please send your link and a one line blurb to before Shabbat your time. Thanks!

Please visit, comment and share the blog posts in this Havel Havelim and also let people know about it.
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Enough with the introduction. On with the show!

"Unity and Obedience From the Children of Israel" on Enjoying the Bible Online gives discussion questions, creative thinking questions, and activities for children/students related to the unity of the children of Israel answering God that they would do what God says, even before He gives the laws. Unity and Obedience From the Children of Israel
Matters of Interest One of Israel’s Most Active Homebrewers, Levi Fried of Righteous Brew
With a lot of discussion in popular news and other media about rape and consensuality of sex, Dr. Ruth Westheimer recently [mis]quoted the Talmud as okaying non-consensual sex; in response, here are clear proscriptive statements from the Talmud about coercive sex. The Prohibition of Rape in the Talmud
Real Jerusalem Streets: Tosca at Masada It was amazing! and Yemin Moshe: Windmill Dash or Walk
Adventures of a Chief Rabbi The Power of the Few
Jacob Richman Photos of the Ma’ale Adumim Family Picnic
Ester, It’s Been a Year
Signs of Jewish pride from the most unexpected places Jewish/Israeli Pride--Michael Douglas & Orange
Night out in Jerusalem Jerusalem's Old City All Lit Up!
Jerusalem has been the Capital of the Jewish Nation since the Kingdom of David, so why do all those foreign nations, especially the USA think they have the right to judge and change it? American Chutzpah! Damning Israeli Sovereignty
funeral of a 93 year old
Holocaust survivor
honored by strangers
Whoopee! It's.... What's the Best thing about Summer here in Shiloh? Jack Cohen – June 5th – UNRWA – Saudi Arabia JUNE 5th Anniversary
Tzedek Tzedek Now Revealed - The Jewish Students' Plot in Newcastle
Tzivia Parshas Shlach: Facebook & the meraglim, what are you hiding?
The Jewish Libertarian Rotem Sela is Awesome, Publicly Breaking the Law of Book Price Controls
Life in Israel, honoring the dead, even a total stranger Picture of the Day
Going Home to Jerusalem Why Not Revoke Her "Purported" Conversion!
Rationalist Judaism In The Jungle
Simply Jews Nazi 'perfect Aryan' poster child was Jewish. And other 'mistakes'.
Some needed satire from PreOccupied territory Candy To Celebrate Palestinian Deaths Inexplicably Selling Badly
Why wasn't I invited? Read about what I missed! Milling Around in Yemin Moshe with Israel ScaVentures
CosmicX The Expulsion From Gush Katif and the Sin of the Spies

Enjoy the many posts from a wide variety of blog included in this edition of Havel Havelim.

Remember, you don't have to be a blogger to read, comment and share 


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