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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Another Innocent Jew Murdered by Arab Terrorists

Danny Gonen

Yet again, Arab terrorists targeted innocent Jews who offered to help and then shot them both, murdering one of them.
Danny Gonen, the 25-year-old who was murdered in Friday’s shooting attack in the Binyamin region's Dolev, was laid to rest late Saturday night at the new cemetery in Lod.
Hundreds of family members and friends attended the funeral, as did rabbis from his yeshiva and many other citizens. (Arutz 7)
Baruch Dayan Ha'emet
G-d is the True Judge
HaMakom yenachem...
May G-d comfort the mourners....

Danny Gonen, HaY"D, and his friend were innocently hiking in the area, which is something they did on a regular basis.

Now, to be perfectly honest, anyone who thinks that Jews shouldn't be allowed to walk around like that professes apartheid against Jews and encourages Arab terrorism. The criticism and condemnation should only be against the Arab terrorist who shot them and murdered Danny Gonen, HaY"D.

We should not be expected to accept a situation where Arab terrorism against Jews is the norm!

May all Arab terrorists be captured and then executed and not tried as if they were common criminals. 

There is no way we can negotiate peace with terrorists!!


NormanF said...

Jewish stupidity around Arabs leads to tragedies like this.

The murder is exactly why vigilance is demanded - Danny Gonen would be alive today if he had exercised it.

As long as Arabs are indoctrinated with hatred of Jews, Jews must not drop their guard.

Or many more Gonens will be buried in the future.

Batya Medad said...

Exactly, thanks, Norman for adding to my post.

NormanF said...

I should like to add here that in no way am I condemning the victim - I'm stressing the need for common sense and the necessary awareness to protect Jewish life.

That takes priority over good relations with the Arabs. Its not something for which Jews need to apologize.

Relaxing security measures to appease Arab feelings leads to dead Jews.

Given the anti-Semitic incitement and view of the Jews as interlopers on the land prevalent in the Arab society, Jews should not be required to read an Arab mind.

The Israeli government's first and foremost responsibility is to protect its citizens. Everything else is secondary.

Its not pleasant to confront the truth about the Arabs but not facing up to it cost Danny Gonen his life.

This is the Middle East and when there is a conflict between the security of Israel's citizens and making life easier for the Arabs - the former should always take precedence.

Let's call it the Gonen Rule in honor of an innocent man murdered because he was a Jew.

Batya Medad said...

We can't desert our land out of fear!

Dan Livni said...

I dont understand what Netanyahu is doing.
All Jews must be armed in Israel.
There should be shoot to kill Arab terrorists.
Death penalty for all Arab terrorists.
This is the leader Israel needs.

Dan Livni said...

No Jewish nation can be at peace when it is surrounded by Islamo fascists.
The question you should be asking is, when has there been a day in history when muslims have ever been at peace with non-muslims

Batya Medad said...

Dan, and when are the Arab Muslims at peace within their own group?

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

Sorry I'm late to this one.

NormanF is absolutely right. I especially like his point, "Given the anti-Semitic incitement and view of the Jews as interlopers on the land prevalent in the Arab society, Jews should not be required to read an Arab mind." I call that "I refuse to be responsible to determine which Arab doesn't want to kill me and which one does."

What they have made plain to us is that you can't trust an Arab; he or she would just as soon kill you as look at you. But HaShem Yithbarach gave even them a choice, and an example: Sarah Zoabi and her son Muhammad have shown them the way to make their friendship clear to us, as recently seen on TV (or A7, if you prefer). Now, will they be allowed to live and be followed as the example they were clearly meant to be, or not? May He protect them and lead them in the true Noahide way.

Batya Medad said...

CDG, And don't forget that most of the recent terror attacks were by Arabs with permits to work in Israel.

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

Batya - "don't forget that most of the recent terror attacks were by Arabs with permits to work in Israel." - which means the government has at least an equal share of responsibility for these murders along with the murderers themselves.

I thought we were supposed to have governments because if we didn't, people would eat each other alive! But in our case, the government lets our enemies consume us - among other things, making it difficult for ordinary Jews to obtain weapons and be trained for their use - and then blames the victims. Danny Goren's mother, Dvora, is now going through this - and at her shiva, no less - with, davka, government officials! Boosha!

Note: This kind of action is included in what people mean when they use shorthand terms like "Erev Rav" (which I know you disapprove of). But, hear me out. Jews governing themselves should not subject each other to this oppressive treatment, so how else to explain why we do? And in my humble opinion, not being able to name this behavior in clearest, harshest terms actually enables it to continue, and leaves us with no choice but to put up with it.

Even the Chafetz Chaim permits lashon ha-ra in cases where the subject has been known to do harm (child abusers, cheaters in business and the like - and I see pretenders at government within the said government as within this category). Our government has always said it wants our country to be normal, but in practice it has always been anything but, no matter who rules. Everyone should be clear on that.

Batya Medad said...

Let us pray our leaders be given wisdom and strength

Batya Medad said...

Wisdom for our leaders