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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Arab Terror Dangers on Israel's North and South

Please listen to this and share it.

For the longest time, the security experts tried to convince Israelis living on the southern and northern borders that they weren't hearing construction under their floors, but now since last summer's war it has been revealed that they weren't imagining it.  There are terrorists under the floorboards in many places.
What it is Really Like for People Living in the Face of Hamas Terror
Published on Jun 11, 2015On a moonless night, masked terrorist maneuver through the shadows. One by one, they enter an innocent-looking house, open a carefully concealed hatch and lower themselves deep beneath the ground. Built over months, or even years, the tunnel may extend for a kilometer or more. As the squad of terrorists moves swiftly but silently through the concrete-lined walls, they cross under the border and near their objective. Submachine guns, grenades, landmines and rocket-propelled grenades are readied. Hoods and plastic handcuffs – to be used to restrain hostages – are distributed. As the last few meters of earth are evacuated, the terrorists appear to relish the thought of the mayhem they are about to unleash. In an instant, they emerge from the ground, smack in the middle of a community of innocent civilians.
Does this sound like the trailer to the latest summer blockbuster? Unfortunately, this is no Hollywood script. This is the reality facing the thousands of Israelis living near the border with Gaza.
The Hamas terrorist organization, which rules the Gaza Strip, has invested great sums of money and enormous amounts of precious concrete to engineer a network of cross-border terror tunnels.
Their goal? To attack Israeli communities, to massacre civilians and to kidnap Israelis for use in blackmailing the government into releasing convicted terrorists.
Residents of southern Israel tell what it is really like to live knowing that at any moment a group of terrorists could suddenly emerge from the earth beneath their homes and communities. (Israel Video Network)


CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

I can think of a couple of things I would do if I were in their situation:

1. Invite any military personnel who still don't believe us for a sleepover, whether Shabbat or weekday. They can listen for themselves and determine what is going on.

2. Even if the conclusion they come up with is negative ("no one is digging under your house"), still, look around for a strange circle or square IN the ground - maybe it's the opening they plan to come thru.

3. OK, it's more than a couple - if you find the opening, gather everything you can think of and send them down the tunnel hole to fend them off - bugs, snakes, etc. - and set a trap at the top in case they make it there. And don't forget to take pictures all along the way!

In my situation, too many Arabs work in my city - I imagine in nearly all the neighborhoods - even if they don't live in them all too. They don't need to dig tunnels, as we saw last November...they worked right across the street and even in the synagogue. And, don't forget, in our hospitals and kupot holim! Yes, we need to get rid of them all. They have plenty of countries to live in. We don't.

Bigotry and prejudice is acting with hatred against people one doesn't know, and one's hatred/fear of them is based on nothing. This is not the case here. There may be those Arabs here and there who appear to be on our side, but I'm not taking responsibility for assuming appearances to be reality in all cases (innocent until proven guilty) - this is not America/"Am Reika" and I am not waiting until, G-d forbid, a situation comes to me and I find out, to my utter helplessness and dismay, that my Arab friend was my enemy all along as she plunges the knife in! For that reason, I have no Arab friends. Mizrahi/Sepharadi Jews, absolutely. Arabs, absolutely not.

I make no apology to those with sensitive stomachs for the graphic description. Pity has been repaid with murder too often to others, even just the other day, as Batya wrote.

Keep going, Batya. I'm sure more people read you than you imagine.

Batya Medad said...

Gd willing

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

One major exception: Arabs who are really "out there" making clear that they're on our side. See this video (HEBREW & a little Arabic, naturally) on one of the sites you recommend: IsraellyCool.

Sarah Zoabi, mother of Muhammad, on Master Chef: I am a Proud Zionist

Sarah, with all due respect, needs to get to know some Mizrahi Jews, though. They give Arabs a run for their money regarding their cooking. She's impressing the heck out of the Ashkenazim.

It's not easy to risk yourself as they have, so I commend them and those like them. But it doesn't compare to how we risk ourselves every day. May Mashiach come and be crowned quickly already!

Batya Medad said...