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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Israel and Supporters, Time to Take off the Gloves

The State of Israel, our legitimacy etc are being attacked more and more, and that's because we Jews keep on acting like the eternal victims, apologizing and explaining. Those are not the best weapons against those who don't care if we join the history books as a "shortly lived state." BDS is just another way to delegitimize Israel, Zionism and our basic civil and national rights.

Our kowtowing and playing "Mr. Nice Guy" has only gotten us into more trouble, because the world sees us and guilty and weak.

I was very pleasantly surprised that the rather Leftist newly minted MK Michael Oren's book of his recent posting as Israel's Ambassador to the United States points out the dangerous faults in USA President Obama's policies both against Israel and also against American's best interests.
“Immediately after his first inauguration, Mr. Obama put daylight between Israel and America,” Oren said, referring to a July 2009 meeting with Jewish leaders in which Obama said that the policy of “no daylight” with Israel was detrimental to U.S. interests and to advancing the peace process. Michael Oren: Obama abandoned ‘two core principles’ of U.S.-Israel alliance, JewishJournal.com
It had never occurred to me that I'd agree with Oren on much, but not only do I agree with what the newspapers are reporting he wrote, but I'd love to get a review copy of his book, “Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide.”

I'm very curious about how long Oren will continue promoting this theory that Obama is a danger to America as well as Israel. And I also wonder what Leftist statements Oren will come up with to prove he hasn't moved to the Right. When it comes to Israeli politicians I'm a terrible cynic.

One thing for sure, like in this opinion piece on Algemeiner, For Pro-Israel Advocates, It’s Time to Start Playing Offense, I think we must get tougher in our reactions and start taking the initiative against those trying to destroy us with slogans and boycotts. Actively defeating /fighting it is the only way!


Sammy Finkelman said...

I don't think it;s good to leave the UN.

While it help that Nejd was not a member of the League of Nations when it conquered a founding member of the League of Nations, Hedjzaz in 1925 (a small portion near Aqaba was absorbed by Transjordan) and today nobody knows about it (the country was renamed Saudi Arabia in 1932) it did not do any good for Italy when it conquered another founding member, Ethiopia, in 1935. The world was feckless, but this wothdrawal didn't do anything except reinforce the idea Fascist Italy was evil.

It didn't help Indonesia either when it withdrew from the United NAtions in 1965.

Everybody wants to be in.

Staying out would contribute to the deliegimization of Israek. Taiwan is not happy it is out.

Respecting it, especially any parts of it outside the Security Council, where the United states and France and Britain have a veto, is another matter/

Sammy Finkelman said...

I meant to say that the fact that Nejd -> Saudi Arabia was never a member maybe helped the world to tolerate and forget its conquest, but withdrawal from the League of Nations or United Nations doesn't help any country's diplomacy. It's not going to cause anybody to stop paying attention.

The actions of the United Nations need to be delegitimized, but Israel would be delegimizing itself as a country were it to withdraw its membership. The same thing with FIFA - it hardly would have made sense for Israel to voluntarily quit the world soccer organization, no matter what it was doing.