Saturday, June 6, 2015

Embarrasing Statements by Danny Ayalon

Tonight, after Shabbat and after the Havdala ceremony, my husband turned on the television, and we were "greeted" by  Danny Ayalon making the most outrageous and embarrassing statements.

Ayalon was talking about the advantages of allowing Christian prayer in Kever David, KIng David's Tomb, which the Christians claim as being the site of the "Last Supper."

Now, what advantages could he be talking about? I don't see how giving the Christians more places for their prayers in Jerusalem. The Vatican already owns a frightening amount of Jerusalem. There are many churches and monasteries. There has been a yeshiva, the Diaspora Yeshiva, in Kever David for over forty-five 45 years. It was there when my husband and I made aliyah and lived in the Old City of Jerusalem in 1970.

Danny Ayalon was telling us that giving them more places for prayer was to our advantage. Do you know why? The State of Israel would make money from it. They would pay arnona, property tax. Duh? He sounded like a money-grubbing caricature of a Jew as depicted by antisemites.

I saw this on television and haven't yet found any references to his statement on the internet.

There has been news about Kever David of late, so it does make sense that Ayalon is involved. The Vatican has renewed its pressure on Israel to give it more rights to our land and our holy places.They have been eying, or lusting after King David's Tomb for a very long time.

The Israeli Government must be clear and uncompromising in saying:



NormanF said...

Jews are sadly turning into a parody of Esau.

The Hebrew Bible relates how Esau was so hungry he sold his birthright to his brother.

Today, Jews find themselves wanting to sell their birthright to Esau... because they need his money!

Its as they say, a teachable moment and of course Israel should just say: "NO!"

Anonymous said...


This makes me just angry - very angry.

and very very sad....

a noahide.

Devorah Chayah said...

Note this article about Danny Ayalon's wife Anne...

Anne Ayalon on Christian TV promoting The Galilean, her center for Christian worship in the Galilee with Orthodox Jewish instruction

Batya said...

Norman, I agree with you.
a, yes, awful
Devash, yes, they are a very problematic couple.

YMedad said...

but take into consideration:

"Even those I will bring to My holy mountain And make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on My altar; For My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples."


Gentiles were allowed to bring an olah in our Temple, unlike the rest of the kinds of qorbanot, which were reserved for Jews alone within the Temple itself.

Batya said...

I was just listening to a shiur by Dr Yael Ziegler who said that one of the three things we should die rather than do is participate in idol worship. Having a Catholic service preempt a yeshiva is not permitted. The gentiles who entered the Temple did not idol worship there.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see that the missionaries are still such a big problem. Is Jewish Israel still around? Does Ellen still guest post on your blog?


Shiloh said...

First, it is not the site of the last supper, and secondly it is not the burial place of David. It is in fact a medieval built kever, built upon the first synagogue of the Netzarim (not Notzrim) led by James (the teacher of Righteousness in the Dead Sea Scrolls) the brother of yes, Jesus, a Torah observant Jew. Maybe both sides have truth and error, but the fighting is pure stupidity when its based on fallacy of tradition. We just have to deal with facts.

Anonymous said...

Batya: Why do you allow the heresy of the last commenter to be printed on your site?

Anonymous said...

Shiloh, how are you different than the erev rav? You are going against the Torah, the whole Torah that was given at Har Sinai - meaning the Written & Oral Laws; one without the other cannot be! You are against the Rabbis, meaning the Rishonim, Amoraim, Tanaim, etc. You go against the basic principals of Torah, the exact way it was given to us over 3300 years ago. That is called heresy! It seems that only when Moshiach Tzdkeinu comes, will you see and understand the truth, and the truth is the 'real' Moshiach ben Dovid, and not what you think. moishe

Shiloh said...

Thats nice Batya, cant handle the truth. Censoring will save our ass. The pandora's box will never be closed again, not by you, not by the slanders nor by the religionists who fear when people can show that our derech is corrupt. We will never learn.