Monday, June 22, 2015

Peace Can't Be Bought; "Land for Peace" sic, The Big Con

Anyone with a smidgen of common sense knows that a contract is only as useful as the honesty and reliability of those who sign it, and there is lots of validity to the old saying that a chain is as strong as its weakest link.

So the same principles hold for a "peace treaty." And that is why there is no way that peace can be "bought" or even negotiated unless both of the parties really want it. In that case all they do is clarify small details.

The situation between Israel and the surrounding Arabs is not at all conducive to peace. The Arabs, including those who run the P.A. (Palestinian Authority,) still profess and teach the destruction of the State of Israel.

Peace isn't on their agenda, nor on the horizon. And it's not at all because of Israel.
From the PMW-Palestinian Media Watch

The Leftist (and today's Israeli Center) myth that we can exchange Land for Peace is totally ridiculous. Our Arab enemies make no real distinction between Jews who live "beyond the green line" and those who don't. They want us all dead and gone. Israelis who promote "land for peace," especially those who live in what they consider "consensus areas" that will stay Israeli are delusional, because the Arabs don't consider places like Gush Etzion any different than Shiloh.

PA school map: "Palestine" will replace Israel
In all honesty, I'm more hurt and offended by the people of Gush Etzion who promote "land for peace" than I am by the honest though totally misguided Leftists of Tel Aviv.  Please don't forget that they are all guilty of not listening to the Arabs.

Yes, the Arabs of the P.A., yes those with whom we are supposed to be negotiating peace have no intentions of living alongside a viable State of Israel. Their maps totally delete Israel.

Latma's "We Con The World"

Video of the Beatles performing CAN'T BUY ME LOVE, circa 1964.


Mr. Cohen said...

Mahmoud Abbas (Chairman of the Palestinian Authority)
admitted in an Arabic interview, that his family was
forced to flee in 1948 CE due to threats by Arab leaders.

Jews were NOT responsible!


Mr. Cohen said...

Egyptian Cleric Salam Abd Al-Qawi said this:

“Our hatred of the Jews is based upon our faith.
The Koran tells us to hate them, not to love them.”

Muslim Anti-Semitism Compilation, 2009 January 8

Mr. Cohen said...

Qatari Cleric Muhammad Al-Muraikhi said on Qatar TV:

“We will treat the Jews as our enemies,
even if they return Palestine to us,
because they are infidels.”

Muslim Anti-Semitism Compilation, 2009 January 9

Mr. Cohen said...

Palestinian Cleric Wael Al-Zarrad on Hamas/Gaza TV:

“In short, these are the Jews.

As Muslims, our blood vengeance against them
will only subside with their annihilation,
Allah willing, because they tried to kill
our prophet [Mohammed, born around year 570 CE,
died 632 CE] several times.”

Muslim Anti-Semitism Compilation, 2008 February 28

Mr. Cohen said...


“All anyone needs to know about
the Middle East conflict is that:

The Jews want peace and the Arabs don’t,
because the Arabs hate Jews for religious
reasons and they want them dead.
Politics and territory are just excuses.”

Why I support Israel by Pat Condell

Pat Condell is an atheist who was born in Ireland around 1950 CE and raised in England as a Roman Catholic and educated in Church of England schools.

Batya said...

Thank you for all the informative comments. Appreciate it.